This is a short explanation of how I made an edible-decorated miniature Christmas tree and a selection of full-sized ornaments. Seeing as the best part of Christmas is in the eating (it's in the top 3, at the very least), I thought a night of watching holiday movies and slowly crunching our way through the decorations was suitably festive. This was part of my gift to my boyfriend, but it would also be an awesome gift for kids, or for lending a bit of festive spirit to anyone who doesn't have space for a full-sized tree (renters, students in dorms, the boy wizard under your stairs, whoever.) Also better than a real tree, the clean-up is both easy and delectable. The cookie ornaments on their own make a great gift for someone with a full-sized tree, too! 

It's fairly straight-forward, but there are a few considerations to think about so I've outlined them here!

Step 1: Procure Your Conifer

Buy yourself a little tree. Fake ones can be picked up for pretty cheap at Michael's, Walmart, Zellers, Winners—they're easy to find. Real ones are especially adorable and leave your recipients with a more permanent gift once the eating is done, but they might cost more. It's important that you do this first, so that you can make sure that your ornaments and other decorations aren't going to dwarf it or look ridiculously small. It also gives you an idea of how many you're going to need to reasonably cover it. (No harm in making extras for the snacking, though.) If you're making ornaments for someone else's tree, it's probably safe to assume it's a standard size.

So cute and so tasty! Such a wonderful combination :) And you did such an awesome decorating job, I just love the sweaters on the gingerbread men!
Thank you! I was really feeling the ugly-Christmas-sweater theme this year.

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