What will happen when lego + Domo?
lego domo!
One day I browse on the internet and I see the photo of domo superman, it's so adorable!
So I decide to make an lego superman suit for domo.
You will need a 10 inch domo which is about 10 dollar.
I am still in production so I think I'll post the full instructions before Friday, thanks for reading guys!
If I get a featured or 1000 views I will make a lego green lantern suit for domo.
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Step 1: Step1: the Legs

Put domos legs into it and see if it fits.

I will show you the full instrcution August 8

Leave me some comments about how you think about it!

Step 2: Step2: the Body

You will need to connect the legs first, it will be easier if you do that.

Sometimes you will need to squeeze domo into the suit becuase he's too fat! LOL~

I think you can get the 10 inch domo for about 10 bucks on amazon if you don't have one.

Tell me if the file isn't working

Step 3: Step 3: the End!

hey guys! Thank you for being so patient waiting for this instructables, there are some problem on my computer so the instructable is delayed.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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It's so cute!! Nice job
Put the batman mask and superman together!
<p>I tried it!</p>
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