Have you ever seen someone knitting a beautiful garment and thought, "Oh, I MUST make that!"? That's what went through my head when I saw someone knitting a gorgeous ruffle scarf. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that it was so easy, a beginning knitter can do it.

The secret is the yarn itself. The yarn is Patons Pirouette, a ruffle yarn that is prepared in such a way that a simple knit stitch turns it into a scarf that turns heads and elicits compliments everywhere.

As soon as the Black Friday coupons came out, I scooted down to my local craft store and picked up a couple of skeins. I then went home to begin the project. To my dismay, I discovered the online instructions were lacking in clarity and left out some important steps. So today's project is to offer you a new, improved set of instructions to knit this lovely yarn into a pretty, warm scarf for winter.

Step 1: Materials and Supplies

You will need:
  • One skein of Patons Pirouette yarn
  • A pair of Size 7 (4.5 mm) knitting needles
That's it! Easy as pie.

Note: Two different colors of yarn are shown in the photos. The purple one is the scarf I made for myself; the blue one was made for this instructable and will be a gift for my mom's friend. If you look carefull\y, you'll see this yarn even has sparkly thread in it!

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