Step 5: Finishing

Picture of Finishing
The Patons instructions don't say to end it off, which implies you can leave the ends loose. This is an option, but there is more of a risk of the scarf unraveling. You can stitch up the ends if you wish.

Now wear it around town and be ready for all the compliments people will shower upon you. It's a super easy and super cute way to stay warm! But if you want to impress people, don't give away how easy it was to make.

Enjoy, and please let me know if you end up making this pretty scarf for yourself. Also, if any of my steps need further explanation, please let me know so I can update these instructions.
Rubybaby2 years ago
Hi susanrm, thanks so much for your awesome instructions. I have never knitted! Can you shed a little more help on the basic knitting steps? Your scarves are beautiful!
jazcohen2 years ago
I have loved your instructions and passed them on to many people. Thank you so much for the pictures and instructions. I have them in my bookmarks so I can refer easily to them when needed and I'm having so much fun making these scarves and watching the colors and scarf grow.
Sharon Cohen
p.s. one knit shop told me this fad was over. I hope not I'm just beginning.