Picture of Adorable Tutu
This tutu looks cute on any little girl! It's fast, simple and easy to make. Let's get started!
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Step 1: The Goods You Need

Picture of The Goods You Need
You will need tulle, scissors, elastic, ribbon, needle & thread and measuring tape. (Tip: choosing 1 dark and 1 light color will make the tutu look more full)

Step 2: Waist

Picture of Waist
Measure waist. I found that grabbing one of my daughter's onesies to measure was easiest.

Step 3: Ribbon & Tulle

Picture of Ribbon & Tulle
Measure and cut the tulle so it is 2" wide. When you measure the length, measure how long you'd like it, them double it. The reason for that is because you will be folding it in half to tie a knot around the elastic and ribbon. For mine, I made mine 15". I made the ribbon twice as long as her waist so I had enough to tie it in the end. (Tip: cut tulle as you go along so you don't waste any material)

Step 4: Knots

Picture of Knots
With your needle & thread, sew the elastic to form a circle. With the tulle you have cut, fold it in half and loop a knot around the elastic. Pull the ribbon through but leave it free - We will tie it last.

Step 5: More Knots

Picture of More Knots
photo-2013-02-20 9:48 PM.jpg
Alternate colors all the way around and keep tying the same knots.

Step 6: Complete!

Picture of Complete!
photo-2013-02-20 9:48 PM.jpg
Once you have ties knots all the way around, tie the ribbon and you are all done!
Tooooooo cute! the baby looks even cuter...
Oh that is adorable :D Love that shade of blue too!