Adorable Watermelon Nail Design for Summer!





Introduction: Adorable Watermelon Nail Design for Summer!

Hi peeps! Here is a new way to burst into summer, with your nails! Today's DIY will be designing watermelon finger melons, because everyone loves to celebrate summer!

Step 1: The Right Nail Polish Colors!

First, you want the right colors for the watermelon! The colors you will need are...

*Pink/ Red, (I used pink)

*Green of your choice



*Clear, for protection.

Step 2: The Watermelon!!!!!

Start off with painting all of your nails with pink or red. Make sure you paint the whole nail.

Next, after the pink or red has dried, take your green, and paint a stripe on the top of each nail.

Then, Take your white, and paint a white stripe, approximately the same size, right underneath the green.

Finally, take the black, and make little dots as seeds on the pink or red. Then all you have to do, is cover it with a clear coat! Let it dry for at least five minutes!

Step 3: All Done!!!!!!!

Hope you enjoyed painting your nails this unique, simple, and cute design, and be sure to come back for more DIY's!



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    Cool. I did watermelon nail tutorial as well but mine failed!

    1 reply

    Lol, I will check it out!

    No, i just found them online but the picture for the cover is how they looked when they were finished.

    Sorry guys! On the first step i meant to say nails instead of melons. OOPPSS