I'm not sure why I decided to be Madeline, but that is what I am this Halloween. I, of course, didn't get working on it till the last minute, so I finished today (Halloween). It doesn't take that long to make. It takes the most time making the dress. Though you can always buy one that would work just as well. What really makes the costume is the white collar with red ribbon.

I actually checked out Madeline books to make sure I got the costume right. I had to check out three to find a picture I wanted to replicate because all of the images are painted differently.

Step 1: Supplies

So there are three main pieces to this costume. Some of the supplies overlap, but here is what you need.


  • Blue Fabric (2 and a half yards to be safe)
  • Zipper or some sort of closures
  • Sewing Machine
  • Pattern if you have one for a long sleeve, knee length dress


  • White Fabric (a yard should be plenty)
  • Interfacing (half a yard is enough)
  • Red Ribbon (2 pieces about 13 inches long)
  • Pattern (PDF in Collar step)
  • Needle and Thread
  • Sewing Machine


  • Yellow Felt (I think I had one yard and that was enough)
  • Interfacing (half a yard should be enough)
  • Black Ribbon (about 57 inches long)


  • Red wig, you can dye your hair Revlon 42 Medium Auburn, or just go as you are
  • Black Ribbon
  • Hair Binder
  • Video
<p>I LOVE MADELINE! I never thought of her as halloween before, but I'M GONNA BE MADELINE this year! What a gr8 idea!!</p>
<p>Thanks! I always liked her when I was little :)</p>
<p>Can I buy it from you?</p>
this is great!!!
Thank you for doing a non food instructable. I am getting fat following you!
&quot;....and that's all there is; <br>There isn't any more.&quot;
How cute!!!
I remember Madeline vividly. My French teacher made us read the book and watch the cartoons! You did a fantastic job on the costume, very impressive.
Thank you! I don't know if I've seen the cartoons!
You are just too cute!!!
Thanks :)
Adorable! Love this book. The costume is so cute :)
Thanks! I remember the book from when I was young too! It was fun reading them again :)
You are so clever. Great idea.
Thank you!
This is so adorable! Everything is perfect! Thanks for sharing. <br>Sunshiine
Thanks for looking Sunshiine!
THIS CAME OUT SO GOOOOOD! (sorry for e-shouting) I love it so much, and you look adorable in it!
THank you for e-shouting! I think it was appropriate :)
Oh, it turned out perfect! You did awesome. I love it. :D
Thanks! I did almost all of it yesterday. Just had to finish up the hat today :)

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