In this how to I will show you to create a adult storm trooper costume using leftover cardboard boxes, Fiberglass cloth, resin and paint.

Other resources which were invaluable can be found here.  


this is my first instructable be kind.

Step 1: Research.

The Storm trooper costume is a classic, I had always wanted to purchase a suit for myself, but since they can cost in the thousands of dollars for a quality replica I opted to make mine on the cheap. 

I started with research. Couple of sources which were paramount and I think tipped the scale in finishing a difficult project like this.

This first link provides detailed measurements of all pieces which create this costume.  They deserved a shout out.

The second which is by the author HIREROB details a childs version of the costume.
matthew.bartz4 months ago

How much did this cost you? I am thinking of making one of my own.

This looks great. I will end up making something similar when I stop growing.
nickwrdlw1 year ago
I started to make this same thing. I covered my cardboard in wide strip scotch tape pretty much. If I cover this with bondo will the bondo stick to it? and if not can I get the bondo to come off in one piece, like a mold pretty much??

Thanks for posting this. I saw some guys at the zoo (Zoo Boo @ the Erie Zoo) last year with some Clone Trooper Costumes.

I might do a few things differently but you have a really good concept that makes it easy even for an idiot like me to make something this awesome.

Sebastians2 years ago
Magastik armor and cool job dude
Darth Caius2 years ago
But wouldnt you have to mould it?
Darth Caius2 years ago
Dude you've done a great job the only thing is im to young to use fibre glass could i use something else
Railes (author)  Darth Caius2 years ago
Craft foam works well.
nof-z2 years ago
if you are using fiber glass and you want it smoother, just sand it down, and if you reach the base, just apply more resin.
jiangpanda3 years ago
If you do this and it doesnt look too good, just scuff it up and make it look dirty and say it was a battle.
either that or add an orange pauldren, really scuff up and dirty and claim you are a sand trooper........
Railes (author) 3 years ago
I would approch a few things differently. Soaking some my cardbord, then bending would have been my first thought. Like for instance the calves or buttocks, doing that I believe would alow the parts to find a more natural looking curve.

The second thing would be to spend more time sizing the suit. It can pinch and rub on the legs, after a night of walking can be frustrating.

I had a thought of doing a kydex casting, this would alow me to make the suit into a plastic replica. Giving me the durabilty cardboard would never have.

Lastly making the buttocks and lower back into one peice instead of seperate.
parrster3 years ago
Great job. After fabricating one of these suits for my son, I can appreciate how challenging the task is. If you made it again, what would you have done differently?
monsterlego3 years ago
"These aren't the droids your looking for"
salocin1113 years ago
If anyone is interested in tackling a DIY stormtrooper helmet, this might interest you
it's quite labor intensive though
and to save you some time here's the direct pepakura printout link (missing tabs though)
tinker2343 years ago
at the plummer store there is that ringed stuff like storm trooper stuff
Was the helmet store bought?
Railes (author)  shawnlambert3 years ago
Yes. It is a efx replic helmet. I tried many times to recreate the helmet
Without papercraft it was hard and i didnt have a mold to use. So the rsults looked something handicapped.
Spycrab Railes3 years ago
That's pretty funny, as the reason I came here was to see how to make a helmet as the thumbnail looked promising XD Still, awesome instructable, I may get around to making this, as halloween is pretty soon. :3
mrmerino3 years ago
I love that dog's face in the second picture.
For the materials used and budget this is excellent. It's a really nice instructable. Some of the photos are too small which I assume is because they were taken with a phone??? But it's great overall.
I think it looks great. Anyone who criticizes your work are probably people who have never tried to do something like this.
Railes (author) 4 years ago
I decided to make the instructable about a year after I made the costume, something I always wanted to do. I only wish I had take more pictures and saved more of the materials for the constructions; I would have been able to provide alot better details. But alot of parts were scrapped and re-made.
TekoMuto4 years ago
you seem to be a lil short for a storm trooper :/

(great job btw XD)
splazem4 years ago
This is AMAZING!