I will show you in this tutorial, how to change from easy mode to advance mode on the eee PC.

I am NOT responsible for any damage or loss of data
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Step 1: Open the "Terminal"

Picture of Open the
To open the "Terminal" in easy mode press "Ctrl-Alt-T". Now type in "sudo bash" to gain administrative power.

Step 2: Step 2

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Now with this step you will need an internet connection. In the "Terminal" type in "apt-get update" and then press enter.

Step 3: Step 3

When the update is finished, type in "apt-get install ksmserver kicker" and press enter. When it is finished type in "y" then press enter. Type exit and then press enter and then type it in again and press enter. Now go to the "Settings" tab and click "Personalization" then click on "advance mode". Restart and........ Advance mode!!!!!!
peach_fart6 years ago
i did this just right now and i already like it. but it wont launch frets on fire...
so i got frets on fire to launch (3 years later. i wasnt in a hurry to get it) and i had to do a f9 restore after installing the necessary packages. dont get it its not worth the hassle
Gavabc123 (author)  peach_fart6 years ago
Yes unfortunately there has been a problem with frets on fire running on the xandros OS.
im not sure if its xandros, it says that it cant find some file so it never boots up, it just has a thing that displays what files are loaded
Gavabc123 (author)  peach_fart6 years ago
If you are really desperate to get it to load search
i was bored so i tried to put it on from eeeuser, but it didnt load when i opened it
Lance Mt.4 years ago
So what distro ARe you using?
Gavabc123 (author)  Lance Mt.4 years ago
Well before it broke, I was last running windows xp on it.
Yeah, I'm stuck. Is that the stock Xandros that comes with the old 701? Honestly it was so useless I put Ubuntu on a Flash drive and installed that.

I also dropped the Netbook version. It was full of fancy stuff and I couldn't get anything done. If Xandros, the "advanced" mode was something similar to the classic desktop Ubuntu.
Then what distro is that? ^^^^^^^^
mspark4005 years ago
Nice ible! It got me working on my eee pc (2g surf) and used this link in easy mode to successfully switch to advanced mode without a hitch!
Advance mode makes my eee pc so much more useful!
Dr. Monkey6 years ago
Good one, thanks!
gamer6 years ago
Haha, the EEEPC here where I live comes with Vista... Odd... Oh well
what are the specs on it?(hard drive, RAM, video, processor speed, etc.)
I don't know, I would actually have to check....

Ok.... Click Here to get the specs from The Source...

On this page, it says that it comes with Windows XP, but I did see one with Vista on it though....

To run vista w/ Aero desktop (Don't bother getting vista unless you like translucent windows), you NEED at least 1.5 gbs of RAM to do anything... My laptop runs about 1.25 gbs at standstill with no programs open.
it just has the normal eee pc specs but its got xp....
Gavabc123 (author)  gamer6 years ago
That is odd indeed
elliot816 years ago
I put XP on my brothers as soon as i got it using a bootable XP from a usb i made
Kiteman6 years ago
In what way is the advanced mode advanced?
it has a desktop
Gavabc123 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
and the basic mode does not allow u to do everything the advance mode can
Gavabc123 (author)  Kiteman6 years ago
the mode that is shipped with the eee pc is the basic mode
hobbyman6 years ago
hello and thanks for the info. I'll go and switch to advanced mode right away. the simple mode seems so childish and gives the sensation of not having full control on your eeepc. I need to run proteus electronics design package ( and the CCS C compiler (for microcontrollers to my EEEPC 900. For this i've tried to install XP yesterday. It took me 6 hours trying two different methods foun on th enet and none were successful. it was good to be able to at least revert to the original linux OS in 5 minutes. I want to install the wine for linux. I've downloaded some packages don't know how to install them. Any links of "how to?" or any recommendations ? thanks
Gavabc123 (author)  hobbyman6 years ago
oops gave u the wrong link here it is
Gavabc123 (author)  hobbyman6 years ago
click here
its really easy but if u are still not sure i'll write another instructable on how to do so
ac1D6 years ago
if i had know we could switch to the normal linux gui, i would never had downgraded to windows!