Introduction: Advanced LED Pattern's on LinkitONE

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This project is about creating simple patterns on LEDs. We will be using 5 LEDs and making a simple patterns, lights up, the 2nd then another.

Step 1: Materials Required

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We’ll use 5 LEDs, 1 Breadboard and a LinkitONE

Step 2: Connecting LEDs to the Breadboard

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We’ll connect all the LEDs to the breadboard as shown in the images carefully. Use multiple colours to make it more attractive.

Step 3: Programming

Program your board with the code below.

We are making different LED’s light on and off at one time
and generating a simple pattern. This same is used in animated Christmas


Void setup()




pinMode(i, OUTPUT);


Void loop()




digitalWrite(i, HIGH);


digitalWrite(i, LOW);



Step 4: Attach a Battery Pack

Picture of Attach a Battery Pack

Attach a battery pack so that we can use the project when the USB connection is not available.

Step 5: Lighting Up LEDs

Picture of Lighting Up LEDs

Light up all the LEDs now!
Now we’ll power up the circuit. Watch it and have fun!


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