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Introduction: Advanced Programming

About: i enjoy inventing, taking apart electronics, and rebuilding them. i also have a hobby of creating batch files, i greatly enjoy programming batch. i also enjoy coding and decoding binary code.

This is another tutorial on batch programming. It includes my original tutorial.

Step 1: Step 1: Copy Ans Paste

Copy and paste the text from the document. Paste it into notepad and save as: HOW 2.0 V2.bat on your desktop. Go to destop and open the file, it self explains.

Step 2: Final Note

Please visit my other instructables, and feel free to post or send me comments or tips. contact info in the tutorial.



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    Advanced programming? Writing batch files would be considered low end scripting.

    4 replies

    True, but it was advanced when i was learning it :)

    Well I hope you broaden your knowledge and feel free to ask questions. I recommend downloading MS Express Visual Web Developer and experimenting with existing code.

    Thanks, I'll check into that.

    Thanks for all the fish... did you get that from telnet

    3 replies

    Nooe, got it from hgttg

    da reply button did not work. i wrote ":O oh." not "here." so, :O oh.

    I put the return thingy on my flashdrive with the autorun and tried it on my computer.  It didn't work, so I then tried it out on my brother's computer.
    Still didn't work.
    Why is that?  Can anyone tell me?

    1 reply

    Not sure what this question is starting from, but most likely the computer has autorun disbled. Any more details?

    Would learing batch be a good way to get a step into programing?

    1 reply

    Yes, a bit. I would focus on vbs scripting, and that can do more advanced things, then get into python or c++

    For some reason, my computer refuses to allow me o use msg. it says  that it is not recognised. any idea as to what might be causing this to happen?
    thx, ty, or whatever you prefer! 

    2 replies

    sorry this took so long. Did you type it in "MSG * this is my message"?  Sometimes MS-Dos messes up, but it wouldn't let batch files open at all if it did.

    strange... it works on xp but not on vista... 

    neither, a batch file simply displays the text, and waits fir you to press a key to display the next line. Very simple stuff.

    Really cool Instructable.