Advanced Programming





Introduction: Advanced Programming

This is another tutorial on batch programming. It includes my original tutorial.

Step 1: Step 1: Copy Ans Paste

Copy and paste the text from the document. Paste it into notepad and save as: HOW 2.0 V2.bat on your desktop. Go to destop and open the file, it self explains.

Step 2: Final Note

Please visit my other instructables, and feel free to post or send me comments or tips. contact info in the tutorial.



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    Advanced programming? Writing batch files would be considered low end scripting.

    True, but it was advanced when i was learning it :)

    Well I hope you broaden your knowledge and feel free to ask questions. I recommend downloading MS Express Visual Web Developer and experimenting with existing code.

    Thanks, I'll check into that.

    Thanks for all the fish... did you get that from telnet

    Nooe, got it from hgttg

    da reply button did not work. i wrote ":O oh." not "here." so, :O oh.

    I put the return thingy on my flashdrive with the autorun and tried it on my computer.  It didn't work, so I then tried it out on my brother's computer.
    Still didn't work.
    Why is that?  Can anyone tell me?