Picture of Advanced Rubik's Cube Patterns
Holes in the center!
Cube in a Cube!
Use the algorithms in the captions to create these awesome patterns!

(Start with your cube solved)
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fgfgh airhead126 years ago
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turn it into a blind cube!!!
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lucek airhead126 years ago
don't bother. mine where worn out so I got a new cube for 3.48 at a store going out of business.
Do what I did, peel of the stickers and paint your cube.
emand6 years ago
can any1 tell me please what what the letters mean in relation to the cube cos i can solve it but i have no idea what this rubiks talk means an i would really like to do these patterns
GEIAN emand4 years ago
F,IS STANDS FOR FRONT,b is back l left r right b bottom u up d down., i want your reply thanks
L means you move the left side clockwise, R means right side clockwise, F means turn the front clockwise, B means move the back clockwise, and U means move the top clockwise. When there is a lowercase i after it, it means go counterclockwise instead. Hope that helps!
GEIAN4 years ago
GEIAN4 years ago
emand6 years ago
what does & apos mean?? any1 plz
ZeroError emand5 years ago
That should be turn into an apostrophe and it means you turn the side anticlockwise.
So if you have U, you'd turn the upper face clockwise. if it said U' or Ui, you'd turn the upper face anticlockwise.
frodobot6 years ago
Everytime I go through all of these, I end up messing one up while reversing it!! I have to solve it again just to carry on the patterns!! Grrr
djit6 years ago
what is the meaning of apos?
Ian01 djit6 years ago
It is supposed to have an apostrophe there. For some reason the entity thing is shown instead.
rusty13jr7 years ago
I have never seen the 'Anaconda'. Thanks for that one.
eLeet (author)  rusty13jr7 years ago
NP- Glad you found this slideshow useful!
rubix kid eLeet6 years ago
hey add the stairs one to your slide show use L,R,F,B,L,R,F,B,L,R,F,B so ya and if you do that twice it makes a cross,
ahhh. these patterns are really cool, looks hard for me though.
this is a bit off subject, but are you a fan of Buckethead? one of my friends is obsessed with the dude.
seng6 years ago
i don't now how to use the LRUDFB patters... please help me....
bkturner6 years ago
These are amazing! thanks so much!
seng6 years ago
help me solve cubes!! please!!!!!
paul8186 years ago
also cube in a cube in a cube is a cool one

Ui Li Ui Fi R2 Bi R F U B2 U Bi L Ui F U R Fi
Arctic566 years ago
OK, dumb question, when using the algorithms, what does "&apos" mean?
they were trying to use html for the inverse sign. it just means turn counter clockwise. it is easier to just use the letter i so i is inverse and 2 means turn twice (either direction ends up the same so you never see 2i) F L F Ui R U F2 L2 Ui Li B Di Bi L2 U
Awesome, thanks.
is there anyone who can teach me? how to fix a rubiks cube? please help me!
theres a cool adress that helps u solve it...
http://www.chessandpoker.com/rubiks-cube-solution.html (copy and paste this into the adress bar)
these are really cool! did you figure them out by yourself? Either way, great work
you don't mind If I take a few of these for my instructable, credit to you.
eLeet (author)  the_burrito_master6 years ago
Go ahead :)
burzvingion7 years ago
I do anaconda (the last pattern) upside down from you... I start with FDR' blah blah blah. Anaconda is also a good place to start to do 3-cycle X's and 6-cycle X's. After anaconda, hold the cube so that on 3 sides you can only see 3 different colors on the URF faces and the central color on the U face is the outer color on the F face, then do RB R2UFB'R2F'BUR2 B'R' (Yes, that's a PLL alg in there). Now turn the cube around so you can only see the other colors and do the same thing again, except this time, instead of U do U': RB R2U'FB'R2FBU'R2 B'R' Now you have 3-cycle crosses. To turn it into X's you have to rotate the core pieces. Do BF'R'LU'DB'F. Now you have 3 cycle X's. Do 2 cycle X's (R2L2U2D2F2B2) on top of that to get 6 cycle X's. It's fun to do 6 cycle X's and give it to someone who's never seen anything other than the 2-cycle X's:P They try to solve it and end up with 3 cycle X's again.
can i see pictures