Step 5: Search for Multiple Keywords in the Title

For more than one keyword, you can use the "+" character to separate the keywords, such as "sew+tie".  Be sure not to include any spaces.

For example, you can enter:

  allintitle:sew+tie site:instructables.com

This searches for all articles that have both the word "sew" and "tie" in the title, which right now there are none.  That's OK, because I was able to quickly determine that nobody has written an article on Instructables that has these two words in the title, so an article that shows me how to sew a tie might not exist.  This was helpful to me so that I didn't have to look through hundreds of articles that have the words "sew" and "tie" somewhere in the title or body of the article.
Another iteration of this method is to hang on the the site: qualifier and ise it to search via <a href="http://www.google.com/imghp?hl=en&tab=wi" rel="nofollow">Google Image Search</a><br> This way you can quickly flip through the pics that are from i'bles with X in the title. This is useful for trying to find something again as you can just flip through the pics until you see something familiar, but and you can also use it if you have something in mind but aren't quite sure how to get at it because you can just put one key word in and scan through the pics until you see something that looks like what you want.
Thanks, the search here always drove me NUTS!
GENIAL, Thanks!
Because the Instructables search is using Google's engine as the back end, you have the full power of Google's search interface. <br><br>In addition to &quot;allintitle:&quot; (great find, by the way!), you can also use &quot;inurl:&quot; to restrict your search to just the forums (<code>inurl:/community/), just Instructables (<code>inurl:/id/</code>), etc.<br><br>The &quot;site:&quot; qualifier is unnecessary if you use the search box from an I'bles page -- it's added automatically.</code>
I've been wanting to make an Instructable about how to sew a tie, actually. I just didn't know what to call it before! ;)
Wow, nice job finding that out!

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