Step 5: Search for Multiple Keywords in the Title

Picture of Search for Multiple Keywords in the Title
For more than one keyword, you can use the "+" character to separate the keywords, such as "sew+tie".  Be sure not to include any spaces.

For example, you can enter:

  allintitle:sew+tie site:instructables.com

This searches for all articles that have both the word "sew" and "tie" in the title, which right now there are none.  That's OK, because I was able to quickly determine that nobody has written an article on Instructables that has these two words in the title, so an article that shows me how to sew a tie might not exist.  This was helpful to me so that I didn't have to look through hundreds of articles that have the words "sew" and "tie" somewhere in the title or body of the article.
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