Step 8: Ganache Layer: Mix It Up!

Make sure you have everything on hand; your soft butter, the coffee-honey-cream mixture, the thermometer, and your prepared frame.

The key to tempering chocolate is to proceed with caution. I like doing this in the microwave, because it is easy to finely control the amount of heating the batch of chocolate gets.

The method used here is known as "incomplete melting." The goal is to carefully melt out the unstable cocoa butter crystals, seed the remaining batch with a small amount of reserved chocolate.

Weigh out the 396 grams of chocolate. Remove about 20% of it (~80 grams), chop it into smaller pieces with a knife, and set it aside.

Use short (10-20 second) bursts of microwaves to heat the chocolate. Between each period of irradiation, stir the chocolate around to make sure there are no hot spots forming. Do not let the temperature of the chocolate rise above 97 °F (36 °C).

If the temperature of the chocolate rises above 97 °F, it will lose its temper. Angry chocolate is bad chocolate.

Once the main batch is uniformly melted, mix in the chopped "seed" chocolate. It should melt in, seed the batch with the proper form of cocoa butter crystals, and bring the whole lot down to the proper working temperature. You can test the chocolate by smearing a bit on a piece of aluminum foil - it should set quickly, and without white streaks.

Massage the butter into the chocolate, until no lumps remain. Pour the 105 °F cream over the mixture (heat it up if it's cooled too much), and stir in a figure-eight motion until you get a smooth, uniform ganache.

Pour the ganache into the frame and smooth the surface. Allow it to cool a bit, cover with parchment paper, and leave to crystallize overnight.
Sooo tasty <3
i like chocolate :)
Are you sharing your Ponoko design somewhere ? I can't seem to find 1/4 inch acrylic material option on Ponoko. <br>Thanks!
As soon as I can figure out where I saved the .svg files, I'll put them up somewhere public.<br><br>And the acrylic option isn't listed as 1/4 inch, it's the 5.6 mm option. (which is pretty close to 1/4 inch).
Hey Mongpoovian,<br>Just wondering if you ever posted your Ponoko acrylic ganache frame designs anywhere? I haven't had much luck figuring out Ponoko just yet. Thanks!
Great work. I will try this recipe soon. How come the marshmallow ends up at the bottom, aren't you precoating the bottom ?
Oops! I just set it upside-down when I photographed it.
<p>That was awesome.&nbsp; I sure hope you don't mind me stealing bits of this 'ible and short cutting some areas when I incorporate it into my repetoire.&nbsp; :-)<br /> <br /> I've never heard of the frames before and without following the links (which I'm sure to do after posting this) I have no idea what carmel rulers are...<br /> <br /> ... but I'm sure going to fab some up quick!<br /> <br /> Thanks for the inspiration!<br /> <br /> Mikey<br /> <br /> &nbsp;</p>
Steal away!<br />
Those are AWESOME. Thanks for the shoutout, too!<br /> <br /> Now I want to make a little truffle stoneheange... <br />
I don't really care for chocolate but I will read anything pertaining to cooking and that was one of the best 'ibles I have ever read - fantastic job!
Thanks!<br />
mhm that sounds like another diet killer.<br /> <br /> but those arent truffles, truffles are be definition ballshaped ;)<br />
this is&nbsp;<em>chocolate</em> we are talking abot here websters just went out the window.<br />
Chocolate does tend to have that effect on people. :)<br />
Looks great!!!<br />

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