Adventure Batch File Game PRE RELEASE 0.8


Introduction: Adventure Batch File Game PRE RELEASE 0.8

This is a simple adventure based batch game. Download the file, and rename it to a .bat file type. Enjoy!



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    Version 1.0 now released! I still have a lot to add, but I thought it was time to release the first official version.



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    Hello, i was developing a new game, and was wondering if i could use some of the code from your file/game?

    Hi there, sorry I have taken so long. Go ahead.


    To keep what you've earned, save the game. It doesn't do this automatically.

    The new version is greatly expanded, hoping to release it within the next month.


    Please make this on a new update. We could buy a shop or home with a lot of gold. Also, when I died, I figured out that all my armor and weapon and GOLD was reset! Can you also fix that please.

    CodeSmartz: Go to the forest. Look around... The goal is to kill enemies, then you can spend your money on upgrades. (Armor, Weapons). In version 1.0 there will also be several gambling games, and other sections of the world, such as Hungria and the Dark Forest.

    This is a great game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    All so far ive figured out how to do was just walk around town. Can u make a game where we do something plz?

    Thank you for the feedback! In month or two (Depending on how much free time I have) I will be releasing version #1.0. It has all of the bugs fixed, and has hundreds of new things, and entirely new places to explore.


    Love the game, only one bug I'm finding, when viewing stats, you are returned to the forest, not the town, I feel you should be returned back to the town rather than the forest.