My best friend loves Adventure Time, and admittedly, I love it too. She also loves earrings, and makes jewelry like crazy, but often for other people and never herself. I decided to combine her loves and make her some Finn earrings.

I made it at TechShopSF!

Step 1: Materials

For this project I used:

Epilog Laser Cutter
24"x24"x1/8" plywood
4mm and 6mm Silver Jump Rings
Earring Posts and Back
18" chain
Claw clasp
2 small tipped pliers

I had to go to a specialty store to find the 1/8" plywood, so call around before you run off to Home Depot or Lowes.
Here are the Jakes I made too. They are all available <a href="http://www.etsy.com/shop/audreyObscura">here</a>.
This is so cool!
I might try BMO<br/>
Having just received these myself, I can attest that these Finn and Jakes are just as mathematical in real life as they are in this instructable!
You should try a Jake the dog bracelet like this with a lot of body segments. You could have the clasp look like he's grabbing his own tail.
I am at TechShop now, cutting out Jakes. I am going to do Lady Rainicorns too I think. Oh, and B-Mos.
That's awesome. Adventure time is one of my most favourite shows.
Hi there, <br> I am new-ish to adventure time. I have seen it in passing but never really sat down and watched it...WOW! I love it! My son is 12 and he and i watch it together a lot...it's so fun to sit and trip on the creative minds of like minders! <br> Next on the awesome list...the regular show is a blast too! Dude, do me a solid....my son and i crack up! <br>I want to know how one finds people/places with a um...laser wood cutting machine. Is there laser cutting sites or stores? You sound like you have an awsome job by the way! Keri
Can you possibly give us a pattern in PDF?
This is so MATHEMATICAL :) Great work!
My goodness, you have a whole army of them! Very cool!

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