Picture of Adventure Time Earrings or Necklace
My best friend loves Adventure Time, and admittedly, I love it too. She also loves earrings, and makes jewelry like crazy, but often for other people and never herself. I decided to combine her loves and make her some Finn earrings.

I made it at TechShopSF!

Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
For this project I used:

Epilog Laser Cutter
24"x24"x1/8" plywood
4mm and 6mm Silver Jump Rings
Earring Posts and Back
18" chain
Claw clasp
2 small tipped pliers

I had to go to a specialty store to find the 1/8" plywood, so call around before you run off to Home Depot or Lowes.
audreyobscura (author) 2 years ago
Here are the Jakes I made too. They are all available here.


This is so cool!
as92 years ago
I might try BMO
SHIFT!2 years ago
Having just received these myself, I can attest that these Finn and Jakes are just as mathematical in real life as they are in this instructable!
bioboy7252 years ago
You should try a Jake the dog bracelet like this with a lot of body segments. You could have the clasp look like he's grabbing his own tail.
audreyobscura (author)  bioboy7252 years ago
I am at TechShop now, cutting out Jakes. I am going to do Lady Rainicorns too I think. Oh, and B-Mos.
That's awesome. Adventure time is one of my most favourite shows.
kerikins2 years ago
Hi there,
I am new-ish to adventure time. I have seen it in passing but never really sat down and watched it...WOW! I love it! My son is 12 and he and i watch it together a lot...it's so fun to sit and trip on the creative minds of like minders!
Next on the awesome list...the regular show is a blast too! Dude, do me a solid....my son and i crack up!
I want to know how one finds people/places with a um...laser wood cutting machine. Is there laser cutting sites or stores? You sound like you have an awsome job by the way! Keri
dwhite02 years ago
Can you possibly give us a pattern in PDF?
dantistus2 years ago
This is so MATHEMATICAL :) Great work!
My goodness, you have a whole army of them! Very cool!