Step 1: Finn's backpack

For the backpack, find some light and dark green fabric. Felt holds it's shape best. You could also use fleece or cotton.

Cut 2 light green fabric rectangles 12 inches wide by 6 inches long. Cut 2 dark green rectangles 12 inches wide by 10 inches long. Flod these pieces and round the edges.

For the edge of the backpack: Cut one dark green strip 3 inches wide by approximately 29 inches long. Cut one light green strip 3 inches wide by approximately 20 inches long.

For the straps: Cut 2 dark green strip 5 inches wide by approximately 12 inches long (10 inches long if the backpack is for a child). Cut 2 light green strip 5 inches wide by approximately 10 inches long (8 inches long if the backpack is for a child).

Other things you'll need : One 16 inch zipper and one black button and some polyfil stuffing.
<p>Nice job. I'm thinking of helping my son make a finn costume and was wondering about how much you spent making this one?</p>
Why make the hat so long down his neck, it looks very very stupid, trust me, I know everything about adventure time, it's my life.
<p>Jennluvsadventuretime411, how dare you act so rudely to someone providing free advice. You do realize you've insulting a child and a mother, right? My son and I love AT enough to take Finn' s and Jake's attitude- a real hero wouldn't be unkind</p>
<p>u know every thing? is princess bubble gum ruler of the candy kingdom?</p>
Can anyone tell me how big the inital pieces of light and dark green felt should be? I'm not a crafter so do they sell it by the sheets or by the yard like fabric?
I got 1/2 yard of each, but I had to piece the dark green a bit. If you don't mind leftovers, I'd get a whole yard of the dark. I also made my backpack 2&quot; bigger in both directions. You don't need to make the arm straps bigger though. Just measure your person to see what you need the, to be. The functioning zipper is super cool!
Ok, so you are awesome! I had never put in a zipper before and I followed all of your very clear instructions and was able to make my very own Finn backpack. I made mine a bit larger as my DD is pretty tall. The only thing I had to undo was that I sewed the straps on the wrong side when they really need to be on the right side. Easily fixed and voila! I will tackle the hat tomorrow. I live in Puerto Rico and they don't sell white fleece at any of the stores I've visited, so I may have to use felt. Hope it goes well
i don't really like the hat
I agree with you but it is good for sewing stuff
Great Costume. Well done!
MATHEMATICAL! I like your take on the backpack.
That is so cute!

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