The original pattern for this hat was made back when Adventure Time was a short featured on Nickelodeon, and then after it failed to do anything on that network, it made it's way to the internet. This hat is much more like the original "pilot" hat, where it's less of a tube with a face hole. This one has straps that you can tie underneath your chin.

The design for this hat came from my good friend Nate Little. However, he has been caught up in graduate school, and has had seemingly no time to write an Instructable. After months of kindly hinting and nudging him to write one about his hat design, and him never doing so, I simply asked if I could. Obviously, he said yes, and even helped me out. He even let me use his camera while I'm away at college. If you have the time, or like supporting your resident Mad Artisan, check out these links.

Mad Artisan Labs - Facebook
Mad Artisan Labs - Etsy
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Step 1: The Pattern + Materials

The pattern is attached in PDFs below. When printing them, be sure to not "shrink to fit" or anything like that. The images are sized to 8.5 x11, and need to print in that size or else your pattern will be too small.

Some assembly is required with the pattern. The "Main Flap" piece is divided up into 5 or 6 different pieces and they need to be taped together, but I've made it so there are letters to help you align the pieces.

Once you get the pattern assembled, and ready to go you're going to need to gather some materials.

  • 1 Yard of Fleece (White or off-White)
  • Appropriate colored thread
  • Scissors
  • Pins
  • Sewing machine (optional)
  • Sewing needle (for the ears, or the whole thing)
  • Fabric scissors

Note: Fionna Variation
The only difference between Finn's hat and Fionna's hat is the length of the ears. If you want to make her hat, simply make the ears longer. I didn't include this in the pattern.

Note: Sizing Issues
There have been a few users who have found the final product to be much too large. So if you find yourself having a particularly small head, or perhaps this will be made for a child. It's a good idea to print the pattern at a reduced size. Testing the printed pattern by assembling it and wrapping it around your head is always a good way to make sure it the final product will fit.

Note: Seam Allowance
The seam allowance is very forgiving throughout this project, and mine ranged anywhere from 1/4" - 1/2"

Part5.pdf226 KB
Part4.pdf237 KB
Part3.pdf232 KB
Part2.pdf227 KB
Part1.pdf233 KB
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Thank-you so much. Once I converted the measurements to metric, I was fine. Your instructions were excellent and easily understood all the way down under in Melbourne, Australia.

Thank-you so much. Once I converted the measurements to metric, I was fine. Your instructions were excellent and easily understood all the way down under in Melbourne, Australia.

skellytun made it!2 months ago

Yeah it was a lot large. LOL I'm going to shrink the pattern down to about 80% and use a larger seam allowance. =] FUN THOUGH!

LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  skellytun1 month ago

Haha, sorry about that. Great job making it though!

Like I mentioned below, I'll add a note to the pattern step about sizing issues and seam allowance. Sorry for the troubles.

furrygurl2 months ago

I made it and it came out very large

What was the seam allowance supposed to be?

LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  furrygurl1 month ago

Sorry about that.... It's not actually stated in the Instructable, but what I used was probably somewhere between 1/4' - 1/2." I'll add a note to the pattern step about the sizing issues.

pie201020114 months ago

total making this i just got a sewing machine and made his sword! great instructable!!!

I can't find the PDF link... ^.^' Sorry if it sounds a little stupid....
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  luckytiger12227 months ago

It's in Step 1. There are 5 separate pages to download at the bottom of the step, after the images and text.

Hi, i can't find the PDF link either... sorry... could you send them to me, please?

LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  ptunes6 months ago

I sent you a personal message with the direct links. :)

i also can't find the links, can you send me the links?

psymenot11 months ago
This is Finntastic! It took a bit for me to sew it (about 6 hours) because I don't own a sew machine (and it was the first time I sew), but the result is really cool!
It's money-inexpensive (hat: 1.80 euro), and the instructions are really clear!
So, thank you very much! :) here's the result:
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  psymenot11 months ago
Looks great! I'm really impressed you had the patience to sew it by hand, but that just means you'll love it even more!
allycat31212 months ago
if you put the right side out piece on the inside of the inside out piece, when you flipped it wouldn't the right side out piece be wrong-side out then? D: I'm confused
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  allycat31212 months ago
The idea is to create a "double layered" hat. Which, once we flip it inside out there won't be any seams showing, and you just need to stitch up a tiny hole.

The tiny hole you leave is the key here. You end up flipping the hat inside out by pulling it through the hole.

It is correct to place the right side out piece on the inside of the inside out piece. This way when we pull it through the hole there will be no seams showing.

Hope that helps. :)
allycat3121 year ago
I plan on using this pattern for my Fionna hat I'm making for Halloween but when I printed out the pattern the forehead part looks humongeous! Does it end up looking alright or should I cut it shorter?
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  allycat3121 year ago
There's a few pictures of people wearing it when it's completed, so you can judge for yourself. I would say it's a bit larger than I prefer. I think it almost sits at my brow, rather than a bit above it.
yangmama851 year ago
Hi, I'm making this for my son's (8 years old) Halloween costume and I was just wondering if I needed to make any adjustments in order for the hat to fit his size? Looks like this was more for an adult. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks!
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  yangmama851 year ago
You would probably need to shrink down the size.

The easiest way to do this would be to shrink down the PDF when you print it by a certain percentage (probably 80-90%) in the printing options, and then checking the size of the "Main Flap" piece and how it fits around your son's head. I would recommend having about half an inch to an inch of extra paper when you wrap it around his head. Fleece is pretty stretchy.

Hope that helps!
crai-chan1 year ago
Thank you so much for sharing this ! <3
Sebastians1 year ago
Thanks man best thing in world!!!!
gwenifae1 year ago
FYI - I just layed the pattern out on 1/2 yard of fleece and it fits perfectly.
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  gwenifae1 year ago

I'll be sure to add this to the materials step when I get a chance.
So is it necessary to have a full yard? or would a half-yard be sufficient? Or would half a yard be enough?
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  dnacionales1 year ago
I really don't know. That might be pushing it.

The best thing you could do is print out and assemble the pattern, and size it up while you're at the store. Then you'll know for sure how much you'll need.

Sorry I couldn't be of much help.
the potato1 year ago
does the backpack work?
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  the potato1 year ago
No, it doesn't, but it should be pretty easy to modify the design to make it  a working one.
straw18801 year ago
Hello~ I was wondering if it was possible to actually make the backpack into a functioning bag, like with a zipper and all...
Any suggestions with that? I wanted to make this for my friend for her birthday
Thank you^^
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  straw18801 year ago
Sure! I've got a few suggestions.

If you're going to be basing your bag off of my designs and dimensions, all you should need to do is modify the light green 22" x 4" strip (the one on the top of the backpack). Get a zipper that's no longer than 22 inches, and attach it to the light green strip by cutting a slit, the long ways in the piece (before you assemble the bag). That should give you a zippered bag.

Other than that, I would recommend taking a look at what other people have done to make functioning backpacks. Etsy is a good place to look, and there's a few tutorials on youtube, too.

There's a good chance that using one of the other designs out there would result in a better functioning bag, since I designed mine to be used as a prop. It's pretty floppy.

Hope that helps!
Um, I have an unusually large head-I find it hard to find hats that fit me do you have any suggestions?
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  CluainnFhada1 year ago
I think you should be fine with the pattern. It's pretty loose to start with, and fleece is pretty stretchy.

I would try to make one with the pattern, and if it doesn't fit, give it away to someone awesome. Then for a second attempt (if necessary) add an extra inch or so around the edge of the pattern when you cut it out (depending on how loose/tight the original was).

Hopefully that helps.
Lollen1 year ago
Awesome pattern! I'm really excited to make this. Is there any seam allowance, or must we add it ourselves? If there already is, how much is there? Thanks so much! :)
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  Lollen1 year ago
It is included in the pattern, although it isn't marked. I should work on that...

Keep it between 1/2 inch and 1/4 inch, and you should be good.

Good luck!
Gusbyoo1 year ago
This hat is MAATTHHEEMMAATTIICCCAALLL!!! I Would recommend this instructable and its author to anyone!!! so worth it.
i love it you saved halloween i nearly bought a hat and backpack so im so greatful :D
svenyarl1 year ago
You sir are both a gentleman and a scholar. You have saved Halloween.
finonna2 years ago
thank you it just seamed small thxs
finonna2 years ago
does the circle need to be bigger than the print out
LegoBrickMaster7 (author)  finonna2 years ago
You should leave it the size of the pattern.
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