Step 8: Bonus Step! - the Backpack

I was originally planning to do a separate Instructable for the backpack, but decided it was pretty easy to make, and it would be hard for me to accommodate the different sizes of people, and the different functionalities. The one I made in this step is fairly functionless. I still have the option of adding a zipper on top, but don't have one at school (where I made it). Other people might want it to function like it does in the show, as the light green part being a flap that has one large black button.

Either way, if you're interested in making one, you can skip through the pictures, and read some newly added steps(below) and probably get a decent idea of how I did it, and base yours off of that.

1. Cut out the pieces.
  • (x2) 14" circle (one of each color)
  • (x4) 22" x 4" strip (2 of each color)
2. Cut some more...
  • Cut each circle in half.
  • Cut one light green, and one dark green in half, so you will have (x4) 11" x 4" strips, and (x2) 22" x 4 " strips.
3. Start sewing.
  • Fold the smaller 11" strips in half (the long way) and sew along the edge. These will be parts of the straps.
  • Pin each of the long 22" strips to the corresponding colored round edge of the half circle, and sew along that edge.
4. Straps.
  • Flip the 11" strips, so they're "right-side out", and insert each light green tube into each dark green tube, and sew them into place, attaching them to each other.
5. Top piece.
  • Pin the straps onto the remaining half circle (I chose to start with the light green). Next, pin the other half of the light green top to the half circle with the straps you just pinned. Sew along the edge, finishing the top half of the pack.
6. Bottom piece.
  • Do the same for the bottom half. Pin the straps in (making sure they aren't twisted), and sew it up.
7. Finishing.
  • Now we need to sew across the middle of the pack, attaching the light and dark green parts. It's been inside out the whole time, so you need to leave about a 2 inch hole so you can flip the whole pack.
Hopefully those simply written steps and pictures can get you through it.
<p>I used this same basic pattern to make a princess bubblegum hat! Might be a little too hat-like (with the flat top) and not wig-like enough, but it works fine for me. </p><p>1 yard of pink fleece + 1/2 yard yellow fleece, with plenty leftover on both. </p>
<p>that is so awesome!! my kids want a fin hat so i can here for the pattern and i just so happen to be making my kids a a pretend dress up wardrobe and im so excited to be able to make a fin hat for my boy and a princess bubble gum for my girl! awesome! what about fire princess?! ;)</p>
<p>Great adaptation! </p>
<p>Yeah it was a lot large. LOL I'm going to shrink the pattern down to about 80% and use a larger seam allowance. =] FUN THOUGH!</p>
<p>Haha, sorry about that. Great job making it though! <br><br>Like I mentioned below, I'll add a note to the pattern step about sizing issues and seam allowance. Sorry for the troubles. </p>
This is Finntastic! It took a bit for me to sew it (about 6 hours) because I don't own a sew machine (and it was the first time I sew), but the result is really cool! <br>It's money-inexpensive (hat: 1.80 euro), and the instructions are really clear! <br>So, thank you very much! :) here's the result:
Looks great! I'm really impressed you had the patience to sew it by hand, but that just means you'll love it even more!
<p>My printer doesn't do &quot;fit to page&quot; or anything like that, so I was surprised to find that the A-B piece (part 2) would not align with the adjoining pieces. Because the hat is symmetrical, I just used the mirror image of the other side.</p><p>I'm planning to change the round top to oblong, and I have changed the shape of the back lower edge a bit. All before I even get the fabric out! Photos later...</p>
<p>Where does piece A of the pattern fit into the whole pattern? I'm stumped. </p>
<p>First i want to thank you for sharing the patterns and how to make it! It really came out good! c: Woehoew c: </p>
<p>I had to cut off about 2 inches of the height and circumference of the hat for my son and daughter...I am modeling the Fiona hat! I made the backpack from a Pin I found...totally works and will hold Halloween candy http://www.thestylishgeek.com/2012/11/08/finn-backpack-tutorial/too. http://www.thestylishgeek.com/2012/11/08/finn-backpack-tutorial/</p>
<p>Thank you so much for this pattern, it saved me from trying to guess measurements/wing it. Very easy to put together and really good instructions. My 6 year old loves his costume &lt;3. </p>
I made this for my daughter to wear at Comic Con. Based in the comments I reduced the pattern initially but I ended up making the hat with the original pattern size and a 1/2&quot; seam allowance anf it fits perfectly. This was a super easy project and my daughter LOVES it. Thank you for sharing this pattern/idea. I used a nice super soft fleece fabric.
<p>I love this pattern. This is perfect for what I am looking for. I may not be making a Fin hat this time(making a frog hat) This is so awesome. Thank you</p>
<p>Do you have any video on how to assemble the pattern, cuz i really don't get it?</p>
Try checking YouTube for a tutorial if you're having a hard time following this one. There's quite a few to choose from on there.
<p>Used this pattern with bunny ears instead of &quot;Finn&quot; ears to make a Louise Belcher hat for my daughter's Halloween costume based on the link from this page: <a href="http://glitter-mint.blogspot.com/2013/10/costume-idea-tina-and-louise.html" rel="nofollow">http://glitter-mint.blogspot.com/2013/10/costume-i...</a></p><p>I printed the pattern pages at 90% size for her 11 year old head. It turned out so great and I am a totally non-crafty human. She is in love with it!</p>
<p>What time is it? Is time to punch this Halloween in the face! Algebraic! Thanks for this amazing tutorial. I have to admit that is thanks to this tutorial that I have my costume ready and just in time!</p><p>Even when the hat resulted a little bit stiff (I used <strong>felt</strong>... <em>not so recommended</em>) it has an amazing shape! I used a piece of Velcro to adjust the sides of the hat under my chin. And because of my body size I had to cut <em>bigger pieces for the backpack</em>... it's still a little small, so I recommend to <strong>measure how wide your back is</strong> to get an idea of the <strong>diameter</strong> of the circles: Don't forget to cut bigger straps, too.</p><p>Now, with my own magical dog and my sword, I'm leaving for the land of Ooo...</p>
<p>How long would you say is the largest piece end to end. I've read a lot of comments that it fits loosely but I have a rather large head. The circumference of my head is about 26 inches. Will this hat fit with some space?</p>
<p>Sorry for the late reply... Following the pattern directly will be a very snug fit. The largest piece is 25 inches long and that's without any seam allowance. So you'll want to scale up the pattern by about 1 inch, and then just add whatever seam allowance you're comfortable with sewing, while cutting out the pieces. </p>
<p>I need some serious help!! I am new to sewing by patterns. Normally I only sew crib sheets and bassinet sheets and curtains. Trying to do this for my 16 month old's costume and I am getting really confused.</p>
<p>Sorry for the late reply... Is there any particular step or problem you are running into? I need a more specific question to be of any help. </p>
<p>i cant find the PDF links... </p>
<p>They are at the bottom of the of Step 1: The Pattern + Materials<br><br>If you can't find that, below are links directly to them:<br><br><a href="https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FRW/FD85/GTQVOPXR/FRWFD85GTQVOPXR.pdf" rel="nofollow">Part 1</a></p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/F3Q/N2QG/GTSF15ZG/F3QN2QGGTSF15ZG.pdf" rel="nofollow">Part 2</a></p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/F73/U74E/GTQVOPXQ/F73U74EGTQVOPXQ.pdf" rel="nofollow">Part 3</a> </p><p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/FS3/O3BY/GTQVT3IO/FS3O3BYGTQVT3IO.pdf" rel="nofollow">Part 4</a></p><a href="https://www.instructables.com/files/orig/F9I/DHR0/GTSF1CRW/F9IDHR0GTSF1CRW.pdf" rel="nofollow">Part 5 <br></a>
<p>Can you do one with finn's backpack with the pattern too :)</p>
<p>All the measurements and basic instructions are in step 8. It's pretty straightforward, I think you'll be able to figure it out! :)</p>
<p>Thank-you so much. Once I converted the measurements to metric, I was fine. Your instructions were excellent and easily understood all the way down under in Melbourne, Australia.</p>
<p>Thank-you so much. Once I converted the measurements to metric, I was fine. Your instructions were excellent and easily understood all the way down under in Melbourne, Australia.</p>
<p>I made it and it came out very large</p><p>What was the seam allowance supposed to be?</p>
<p>Sorry about that.... It's not actually stated in the Instructable, but what I used was probably somewhere between 1/4' - 1/2.&quot; I'll add a note to the pattern step about the sizing issues. </p>
<p>total making this i just got a sewing machine and made his sword! great instructable!!!</p>
I can't find the PDF link... ^.^' Sorry if it sounds a little stupid....
<p>It's in Step 1. There are 5 separate pages to download at the bottom of the step, after the images and text. </p>
<p>Hi, i can't find the PDF link either... sorry... could you send them to me, please?</p>
<p>I sent you a personal message with the direct links. :)</p>
<p>i also can't find the links, can you send me the links?</p>
if you put the right side out piece on the<em> inside</em> of the inside out piece, when you flipped it wouldn't the right side out piece be wrong-side out then? D: I'm confused
The idea is to create a &quot;double layered&quot; hat. Which, once we flip it inside out there won't be any seams showing, and you just need to stitch up a tiny hole.<br> <br> The tiny hole you leave is the key here. You end up flipping the hat inside out by pulling it through the hole.<br> <br> It is correct to place the right side out piece on the inside of the inside out piece. This way when we pull it through the hole there will be no seams showing.<br> <br> Hope that helps. :)
I plan on using this pattern for my Fionna hat I'm making for Halloween but when I printed out the pattern the forehead part looks humongeous! Does it end up looking alright or should I cut it shorter?
There's a few pictures of people wearing it when it's completed, so you can judge for yourself. I would say it's a bit larger than I prefer. I think it almost sits at my brow, rather than a bit above it.
Hi, I'm making this for my son's (8 years old) Halloween costume and I was just wondering if I needed to make any adjustments in order for the hat to fit his size? Looks like this was more for an adult. Please let me know as soon as you can. Thanks!
You would probably need to shrink down the size.<br> <br> The easiest way to do this would be to shrink down the PDF when you print it by a certain percentage (probably 80-90%) in the printing options, and then checking the size of the &quot;Main Flap&quot; piece and how it fits around your son's head. I would recommend having about half an inch to an inch of extra paper when you wrap it around his head. Fleece is pretty stretchy.<br> <br> Hope that helps!
Thank you so much for sharing this ! &lt;3
Thanks man best thing in world!!!!
FYI - I just layed the pattern out on 1/2 yard of fleece and it fits perfectly.
Awesome!<br> <br> I'll be sure to add this to the materials step when I get a chance.
So is it necessary to have a full yard? or would a half-yard be sufficient? Or would half a yard be enough?
I really don't know. That might be pushing it.<br> <br> The best thing you could do is print out and assemble the pattern, and size it up while you're at the store. Then you'll know for sure how much you'll need.<br> <br> Sorry I couldn't be of much help.

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