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Ok so of course you probably want to check out my other adventure time tutorials before you start this one. It's MB here btw and I have the day off because of snow, therefore what better time than to make an instructable! The picture I did up there is one I made for my best friend for her birthday. So as you can see when you color adventure time style things, you don't really need shading. Just a little shadow under the hair and behind the body. But other the that the coloring is the easy part.

Step 1: Draw the Basic Head

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Well you know what to do, draw the head neck and face. Check out my other tutorials first to learn how. P

Step 2: Outline

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Draw the basic hair outline. Make sure it flows the way the wind is blowing etc

Step 3: Texture

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Add texture. Just a little bit of poky pieces. You see what I mean. Nobodies hair is perfect.

Step 4: Prep

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Now erase all the little stray lines. Outline it. And color it in.

Step 5: Final Touches

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Add a little bit of shadow beneath the hair line and if you want a little bit of pink cheeks. And voila! It's not that hard. Just make sure the hair flows the way it goes. You can check out anime hair for styles and technique and then just simplify.


MEB and OJB (author)2015-01-19

I'll try and make some more soon! I haven't been on in ages and I've been drawing a lot too! I might make an account separate from my brother too. I used paper 53 on my ipad for this but my ipad broke and the screen replacement doesn't work with my stylus anymore. But i might make a youtube channel or someething soon! I'll see

PandazRus480 (author)2015-01-18

Hi, which software are you using? I love this and I want to know so bad 0_0

british_owl (author)2014-10-17

I love this! Could you make some more?

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