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Introduction: Adventure Time Keyrings

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These keyrings make perfect best friend keyfriends for Adventure Time fans! They could also be turned into brooches, tree decorations, or even necklaces. They're simple to make, but really cute, as the string is perfect to use to represent the wibbly wobbly limbs of Finn and Jake.

What you'll need:

  • Felt
  • String
  • Acrylic/fabric paint
  • Thread
  • Glue
  • Keyrings and jump rings
  • Ribbon scraps

Step 1: Cut and Paint String

Cut your string into eight pieces. I made mine about 10cm each, but that depends how long you want your limbs to be. They can also be cut later.

Paint four of your strings flesh colour, and four the colour of the felt you are using for Jake. Wait for your paint to dry.

Step 2: For Finn: Face

Sew face onto head.Add two tiny seed beads for eyes, and stitch on a mouth.

Step 3: Finn: Clothes and Body

Attach shorts to t-shirt using a small amount of glue. Add some tiny stitches along the top of the shorts to secure them. Do this on both the back and front.

Add some glue to the end of each arm and each leg. Stick the pieces of flesh-colour string in place. Allow to dry. Stitch around pants in blue, joining the two body pieces. Catch the string legs in between your stitches when you stitch the bottom of the legs, securing them.

Stitch around the shirt, again securing the string-arms. Add stuffing and close.

Step 4: Finn: Head

Glue a small piece of ribbon, folded in half, to the back of the head. Sew your head pieces closed, catching the body between the pieces at the neck. Add some stuffing and close.

Step 5: Finn: Hands and Feet

Cut your arms to the length you want them. Add two dots of glue to attach your felt hands. Stitch around the hand pieces to secure.

Cut your legs to the length you want them.Add two dots of glue to attach your felt feet. Stitch around the foot pieces to secure.

Step 6: Finn: Add Keyring

Add a keyring through the ribbon loop at the top of the head, and Finn is complete!

Step 7: Jake: Face

Sew the larger black eye pieces onto the head, and then sew the smaller white eye pieces on top of these. Sew on the chin, and then the muzzle and nose.

Step 8: Jake: Attach Head to Body

Use a small amount of glue to attach the head to the body, and secure with a row of small stitches.

Step 9: Jake: Limbs

Stick the string arms and legs to the back of the body using a small amount of glue. Attach a small loop of ribbon to the back of the head using some glue.

Step 10: Jake: Closing Body and Stuffing

Stitch the front and back of the body together. Add stuffing and close.

Step 11: Jake: Hands and Feet

Cut limbs to the length that you want them. Use a small amount of glue to attach the hands and feet to the ends of the arms and legs. Stitch around the hands and feet to secure them.

Step 12: Jake: Keyring

Again, add a keyring through the ribbon loop, and your keyrings are complete!



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    Maybe you can make a Slender Man in the same method xD

    1 reply

    You probably could. :D


    Pleasure! Post if you make your own. :)

    Mathmatical! Simple and awesome, a great combo for the busy adventurer hobbyist.

    1 reply

    Thanks! :)

    These are great! I've been looking for something to sit on the end of my ukulele and I think I've just found what I need!

    2 replies

    Awesome! Make sure to post a pic if you make your own. :)



    I am so impressed. You have so much patience to make such small creations! Awesome job!

    1 reply

    Thanks! My mom makes miniature porcelain dolls, so I suppose it runs in the family. :P


    Thank you!


    They are! It's a nice change from other "best friend" kind of gifts - keep one and give the other to a friend.