Step 9: Making A Face

Whoo, we are finally done with Beemo!  This last step isn't really step, as it's more of a suggestion of  useful fun ideas.

The best part about my non-electronic Beemo design (which is why I actually to keep mine like this), is that his face can completely and easily interchangeable.  Start by downloading the blank Beemo Face template image, print it out on photo paper, and then using masking tape attach it to the inside of his body.  

Now, using a black whiteboard marker we can draw on Beemo's plexiglass screen!  You can get really creative with this too, he's sort of like a cute video game version of Mr. Potato Head.  Heck, I could even fill an entire memory cards worth of various expressions!

So YEAH, that's how to build the non electronic version of Beemo!  The next following steps are for the much more insane hard core electronic fans out there who actually want a real working cute Adventure Time themed video game system.