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About: I am a Swede living in Stockholm, with two beautiful kids and one wife (equally beautiful!)..

This is my first instructable. Finally! I have enjoyed the instructables site so much-and now it is time for me to contribute!

Well, it is not even an instructable-just photos of what me and my kids made during this week's holiday. I might post a step by step instruction later, but a lot of it is kind of self explanatory. Just use cardboard, glue and paint in the most clever way you can think of. And a few other materials maybe.

I would like to say that is my kids who have made it. But it is not really true. They watched (partly) and I made it. Not sure I am really comfortable with being a 43 -year old diorama maker. But hey! It was fun!



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    I love this; thanks so much for sharing and have a splendorous day!


    Thanks for the nice comments! The "fire" is made from melt-glue that I pulled slightly into flames. The "shields"were casted in glue in an emty chocholate praline casing. As they broke coming out of the form, we decided to make "used" shields... The house is all cardboard. The trick is to finish it of with some very watery black color that seeps into cracks and makes it look grimy and realistic.

    The overall diorama looks so realistic, and the little details (chips in wood, etc.) are really well done! *awe*

    That is awesome! I would love to see a step by step if you get one up sometime! All the details are just amazing and I'd love to see how you did it all :)