A tube the size of a chapstick container that holds advil.

Step 1:

Ok simple enough all you need is an empty container of chapstick and some advil pills (not the liquid gells the red round ones)

Step 2:

Now take of the plastic lable if you want too. ( I did) Now pull off the bottom knob and unscrew the bottom peice from the plunger thing. Then take out the plastic plunger thingy ma bob. (if any one has a better name for it let me know lol) I recomend washign the tube, cap, and bottom peice is soapy water and let it dry.

Step 3:

Now just cut off the long skinny part and put the bottom peice back on. Make sure you remove that thingy ma bob.

Step 4:

Now fill the tube up and put the cap on and your good to go :)
Thank you for this post, I will never buy the travel paks again
just go ahead and eat the chapstick
you need it
I dont know what that means but err ok...
You should probably spell check it, but this is a nice idea!
thank you
I believe the term you are looking for is Ibuprofen.
lol guess I made a typo

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