Aeolus - Wind Powered Knex Ball Machine





Introduction: Aeolus - Wind Powered Knex Ball Machine

It has been pretty windy around here lately, and I've always been fascinated by the whole idea of green energy, so I decided to build a wind turbine.

In my search for design ideas I eventually found this page ( ) which is where I found I diagram that I used to make a vertical axis turbine. Once I had made it and it spun in the wind to my liking, I thought of possible uses for it.

One of them was making a wind powered lift for a ball machine, but the way I had it set up it couldn't lift the Knex balls (that and I only have one of them) so I used ping-pong balls instead.

BTW the lift I used was designed by I_am_Canadian

I won't be posting a full Instructable for this for a few reasons
- It's my first ball machine so it is small and simple (only four mechanisms and two paths)
- It would be difficult to describe how to make the turbine and it would cause confusion
- It's not really all that special

So without further running of my mouth, I give you Aeolus.

PS: here's the link to the vid, ( ).



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    Lol i use the same ping pong balls as u do for my projects

    Veary good and great Idea!!!

    Awesome. The first step to Green electricity... In knex. 5 stars!

    dats rad dawg. 5 starz.

    Aeolus was the ruler of the wind in greek mythology. I think that's it. Am I right?

    2 replies

    What do you mean "ruler"? I'm just trying to be clear.

    Yeah your right, that is your lift. Sorry I forgot to mention where that's from, I'll add that and a link to the video tomorrow. To answer your question every now and then the smaller balls get wedged b/w the arm of the lift and the receiver track. The lift bounces around a little then it goes back to normal.

    Nice :-) I had an idea for one of these a while back, Ima try it out if I can find time.

    A video would help a lot, but this is very original, 4 stars.

    Was he the Greek God of Wind? And it looks perdy nifty and cool, and a video would be nice...