Step 6: Assembly of the Box to the Table.

Tape Measure
Sanding Block
Miter Saw
Square Driver Bit
Bar Clamps

150 Grit sandpaper
1 1/2" Coarse Pocket Screws

I loose fit everything together make sure it worked.  Had to hand sand some stuff down (Home Depot panel saw was not very accurate).

Then I took the new 3/4" MDF bottom board and screw it to the table top.  I did this because I wanted to be sure that the sides were installed in the correct location and I did not care about the small holes as they would not be visible.  Also the Particle boards were slightly warped after 3 years without a center support and would need to be clamped.  I put the corner pocket screws in then removed the bottom MDF piece.  Make sure you clamp the board in place because the pocket screw will try and pull the piece in the direction it is pointing.

After getting all the pocket screws install on the side boards I put in the cubbyhole dividers.  I also put in spacers at the four corners to hold the 3/4" MDF board in place while I put in the pocket screws.  I then removed the spacers after everything was screwed in.

<p>Does anyone know what model of table this is?</p>
I bought this table years ago at a local european furniture company. I don't see a brand or name on it. Sorry :(
<p>What was the store called?</p>
<p>I think it was By Design in Norcross, GA. There is a road in Norcross, GA that has all these European Furniture stores. I think it was By Design, if it wasn't it was one of the stores on that road. (My wife thinks it was By Design as well)</p>
&nbsp;OMG!!! &nbsp;Totally rocking awesome!!! &nbsp;I love this and am going to run to Value Village to get a table so I can make my own. &nbsp;It's ideas like this that make this site so great.
craineum :0) LOL thinking exactly the same thing as cdclark-but find V.Village is getting way too pricey.&nbsp; Try The Goodwill on a 50% off day and there are often good finds
&nbsp;Nice, but in my area the V. Village is the more&nbsp;reasonably&nbsp;priced. &nbsp;Plus I only get it if it is the half off tag of the week, or the 99 cent tag color on Mondays. &nbsp;Plus I am partial to them because ours benefits the ARC and my daughter gets services through the ARC. &nbsp;So I figure I am giving back what we&nbsp;receive. &nbsp;:&gt;)
We don't seem to get the sales you get at V.V. Here in Ontario part of the profits go to Diabetis resurch. what is the ARC?
It's a biblical artifact that has successfully been used by a certain Dr. Jones to get rid of Nazis.
That's the ARK.<br><br>The ARC is a charity/community service group for people with intellectual/developmental disabilities.
Its comments like this that keep me coming back to post more stuff ;)<br />
&nbsp;This instructable was made for me wasn't it? I really need a new way to store my controllers.
I&nbsp;thought it was made for me and my numerous old game systems.<br /> All kidding aside, this is really awesome.&nbsp; Very aesthetically pleasing!<br />
&nbsp;This is a great solution and beautiful, but a huge letdown for me! I read &quot;gaming table&quot; and thought it might be boardgames! Oh well. Great work!
Oh good craineum!&nbsp; You have marvelous ideas.&nbsp; Can't wait :0)!!
That is a LOT of pocket screws. I&nbsp;built an arcade cabinet out of MDF and it's rock solid sturdy with screws every 10-12 inches. Not that what you did was wrong, just pointing out that it's a bit of an overbuild for something that's only going to be holding a couple dozen pounds worth of plastic controllers.<br />
Yeah, I&nbsp;realized that after the fact (first time I&nbsp;worked with Pocket screws).&nbsp; I also tend to over build a little anyways.&nbsp; My little ones like to climb all over this thing so it can't hurt ;)<br /> <br />
Nice, what a great way to hide away the clutter.<br />
This is a very nice piece of handiwork.
This is cool!&nbsp; Your past few projects have all been really nice.&nbsp; Keep it up!<br />
Thanks! &nbsp;Will do... Think I&nbsp;got a real winner of an idea for the holiday contest :)&nbsp; I'm such a tease.<br />
What a lovely table!&nbsp; I've been needing a coffeetable to store my gaming gear...&nbsp; I&nbsp;might just use something like this.<br />
That's great! Looks clean and everything is in it's place. Suddenly I feel less clever for using the plastic storage bin that slides under my coffee table. <br />
This was my solution before I was married ;)<br />
Thumbs up, I have a cedar chest with a pneumatic lid that stores all my classic and modern remotes, plus D&amp;D and other stuff, however yours is much better.<br />
I&nbsp;was thinking of adding pneumatic lift to my lid.&nbsp; I just used what I had, and I am happy with the results.&nbsp; I&nbsp;am sure yours fits the bill as well :)<br />
That's a really cool idea!<br />
Very nice, Great idea!<br />

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