Step 6: Assembly of the box to the table.

Tape Measure
Sanding Block
Miter Saw
Square Driver Bit
Bar Clamps

150 Grit sandpaper
1 1/2" Coarse Pocket Screws

I loose fit everything together make sure it worked.  Had to hand sand some stuff down (Home Depot panel saw was not very accurate).

Then I took the new 3/4" MDF bottom board and screw it to the table top.  I did this because I wanted to be sure that the sides were installed in the correct location and I did not care about the small holes as they would not be visible.  Also the Particle boards were slightly warped after 3 years without a center support and would need to be clamped.  I put the corner pocket screws in then removed the bottom MDF piece.  Make sure you clamp the board in place because the pocket screw will try and pull the piece in the direction it is pointing.

After getting all the pocket screws install on the side boards I put in the cubbyhole dividers.  I also put in spacers at the four corners to hold the 3/4" MDF board in place while I put in the pocket screws.  I then removed the spacers after everything was screwed in.