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Introduction: Aesthetically Pleasing PSU Mod

Here is my computer PSU that I turned into a bench top PSU.  I took out the normal fan and put in an antec green LED fan that I had, as well as a secondary one I installed on the top.  

I added a toggle switch, a red LED indicating it is plugged in (aka dangerous if opened), and a green LED indicating the power has been turned on.  

I have 3.5v, 5v, and 12v hook ups as well as two grounds.  I decided not to include -12v as I am not in need of it at the moment.  

Hope you like it, let me know if you have any questions.  



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What is the use of a -12v connection?

Hello Damios,
Could you please explain which color wires did you use for the red and green LED's? I am new at this and like your idea of the two LED's.
Thank you!

which tutorial did you used to make the bench top psu?

I mainly used this one:

But I ended up not needing the 10ohm 10w resistor, as my PSU powered up fine as long as I had an LED on the power ON and standby cables (green and purple).

As for the green LED fans, one of them I connected to the original fan power connector and the other one I connected to one of the 12v wires and ground.

Let me know if you have any extra questions.

thank you!
but i allready made one":)
and it works so im happy:D

Sounds good, glad it worked out. :)