" Aetherias Secret " - A Steampunk Safe, Code locked, with Neonballs and Nixie Display. It opens when the Code is right and turns around. With Handclapping Sensor to start the Energy !

My Thoughts were : A crate open by pushing a Button..........which thereby came out see it now.

Step 1: OK, Creating the Crate

For the Crate i used Poplar Wood. It is easy from the weight and to work on. The complete Crate has later a weight of 8 kg. Alone already 5kg Brass. The Material list..omg, do they want to really know those?

On these Pics i arranged some Pieces of Brass but later i used other ones.

<p>Geniously done. What a mind you have sir. I commend you on creating such an interesting steam punk styled machine. I love steam punk. </p><p>You should make a Chinese puzzle box in the steam punk style as well. If you were to do it I would most definitely copy and make it. All the best. </p>
I can't find the video on step six? I am really intrigued by this and want to make one of my own, however I am far less experienced and am so confused by your walkthrough. Please show more:)
<p>That's just amazing !!! Congratulations marvellous work... A state of art object...!</p>
<p>if only I could push the I made it button ;)</p>
Could you post a video of the item working from start to finish? I think it looks so incredibly cool!!!
<p>Hi , thx for your Answer but i understand it. On Step 6 is a full Video. from Start to End. Only in German Language...sry, but there you can see how it works. ;)</p>
<p>Wow!! Amazing and Beautiful! Love it...so cool!</p>

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