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I've wanted to have a camp shower in my gear for some time, but I felt many commercially available products were expensive and cheap in construction.  So I set out to design a shower that would be affordable, easily made with off the shelf parts, and durable.
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Step 1: Gather your parts and tools

Picture of Gather your parts and tools
For this instructable you'll need the following parts:

1. 1/2" hose barb adapter
2. 1/2" hose barb tee
3. 1/2" cap
4. 1/2" plug/stopper
5. 1/2" ID clear tubing  (5ft)
5. rope (2 feet)
6. metal wire (for hooks)
7. peanut butter jar or other suitable sealed container
8. teflon tape
9. epoxy or silicone
10. bucket

Items 5-10 I already had in the shop so I can't say how much they cost, as for items 1-5 these priced out at $8.94 (at the date of publication) before taxes at the local national home center. 

For tools you'll need a drill and bits (a dremel tool would work fine too), a knife or good scissors, and some pliers. 

Step 2: Use your drill

Picture of Use your drill
camp shower 3.jpg
For the lid I drilled two large holes to accept the clear hose and one small hole in the center where the rope will go.  Be cautious drilling the lid as this type of plastic tends to crack if flexed too much or worked too quickly.  For the pvc cap which will be the shower head I simply drilled some small holes.  I tried to be careful about the angle I was drilling as I wanted a good spread for the water.

So, how high does the bucket have to be placed for this to work well?

Once you've already established the siphon action, for water to come out of the shower head it simply has to be lower than the level of the source tube (the one in the bottom of the bucket).

alliedmilk1 year ago

Dude this Instructable deserves way more views!

wrenchmonster (author)  alliedmilk1 year ago

Thanks! I appreciate your kind words. I'm surprised it's received as many views and favorites as it has gotten. I'm simply glad to contribute and hope my idea can be used/modified/adapted to help others with their projects.