What I have is a shelf full of networked equipment.  From left to right I have an HP Media Smart server, a Time Capsule and a Thecus Media server.  The HP Media Smart server has a power cord and an Ethernet cable.  The Time Capsule has a power cord and 4 Ethernet cables.  The Thecus server has a power cord and 2 Ethernet cables.  As you can see below the shelf, the network cables and power cords are a mess!  I will use some very affordable and readily accessible network cable management devices to conquer this cable mess.

Step 1: Disclaimer

Be careful when working with cables.  Take care to not allow cables to wrap around your feet or ankles.  Cables are tripping hazards!  Pulling on an Ethernet cable that is stuck can accidentally remove an end off of the cable.  Do not fold, spindle or mutilate an Ethernet cable.  Doing so might impede your network traffic.  Take care to not wrap a power cord in the same spiral wrapper as an Ethernet cable.  Ethernet cables can be susceptible to electromagnetic interference.  Do not unplug a network cable if you are not sure what it is for or how to reconnect it.  The author of this instructable is not responsible for mistakes made by the viewer or misunderstandings/misinterpretations by the viewer.
<p>Rather than running the cables straight down, would you use the mounting pads / tie wraps at the back of the shelf so you'd run them ALL along the back?</p>
<p>Very smart, and thanks for doing the shopping for me!!</p>

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