Picture of Aftermarket Gear shift knob
This instructable is how to change a gear shift knob the heavy duty way, but be able to change to a different gear shift knob or easily remove this one.
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Step 1: Out with the old

Picture of Out with the old
 The first step is to remove the old shift knob. Once you find the thread pattern of the factory shifter buy 2 nuts that will fit on the shifter from your local hardware store. I used Ace Hardware. Put one nut on the shifter and tighten it all the way down for right now.

Step 2: Grinding

Picture of Grinding
  Grind down the second nut until it fits inside your shift knob of choice. It will look like a ring once you are finished.  Remember to wear your PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). Safety glasses and gloves is what I used.

Step 3: Mix adhesives

Picture of Mix adhesives
After grinding the nut down, mix some JB Weld and apply it all over the outside of the nut and on the inside of your shift knob of choice. Make sure you DO NOT get JB Weld on the threads of the nut. I also used latex gloves while performing this step because this stuff gets messy.

Step 4: Caution

Picture of Caution
 This was my shift knob of choice which I picked up at Autozone. I will have to be honest and say that this was an "Impulse Buy" and if I had to buy the shift knob over again I would buy one a little more conservative.   It originally came with 3 tiny set screws to attache it to the shifter. I didn't really trust the set screws and after about a month of re-tightening every week it was time for something more durable. The shift knob also came off while I was shifting a few times. Keep in mind that I am not JB welding this shift knob permanently to the shifter.
jaguiar12 years ago
great idea...but you really need to clean your car hahaha xD
gada8883 years ago
lovely face
jdaley997023 years ago
Thats a bomb idea! Mine has the set screws and I put some thread lock on them to keep them from moving around but this is a better idea! Yeah for the Civic!
l8nite3 years ago
WHOA ! I need to check Autozone and get me one of these ! Nice job