Against Global Warming





Introduction: Against Global Warming

I am something worried by the global warming, and I try to make the little thing that it is within my reach to avoid it, or at least not to contribute to increase it.

One of the human attitudes that increase the problem is the waste economy. I know that my behavior won't change the course of the history, but I trust in that there are millions as me distributed by the planet. Surely not in the countries of the this way called "first world" that they spend millions of tons of valuable resources per second without true necessity, but yes in Latin America, África and other places not so "developed".

Step 1: A Grain of Sand in the Desert

Among the countless ways of avoiding the waste, today I present you a way to take advantage of the deodorant until the last drop.

I use roll deodorant because it is more economic, I like it more than spray, it is more portable and it works better. If I use it "usually" until it ends, it is always in the bottom a quantity that I have checked that it is good more for three or four days. That which is not anything worthless.

Step 2: A Way to Diminish the Problem

It happens that the deodorant is not liquid, it is a slight cream. Then it flows very slowly.

To avoid that the deodorant is seated in the inferior part of the container, the solution is obvious: to turn it. As the one that I use it has rounded cover, I stuck him with tape a cover of soda to be able to put it "paws it up".

Step 3: Finally:

When, in spite of my desperate efforts, it doesn't leave a tiny piece more...


I cut with a knife the neck of the container, and with one finger I take out what is in the interior.

As it reaches for about three days, meanwhile I maintain it closed in normal position (not turned).

Step 4: Epilogue

I clarify it again for if somebody didn't understand it:

I make this to diminish the unnecessary consumption, not for the money that can mean.

For the price of the deodorant, I could spend two or three per day, but that it would be an attack against the ecology.



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I need you say more. I don't understand, I live in Argentina and I don't speak English.

I will do my best...
Que es calor globo.
I am not very good. I did not know you were from Argentina. Sorry.

If we tackle the underlying assumption here then we can make even greater savings. That is that we need to use deodorant (this is different than antiperspirant) at all. The smell comes from decomposing bacteria. Just make sure that you get the day's remains off by vigorous scrubbing and you will find that the next day's underarm fragrance is benign. I haven't used deodorant for 10 years after I was told this. And no-one notices.

Oh, that is awesome, I didn't knok it. Thanks, I will try it. With regard to the instructable itself, you may have noticed that it is only a warning to those who wasted no sense. Say, an excuse to say it. I believe that all humanity is making improper use of resources, beyond whether or not that the cause of global warming, which can be discussed for a long time.

knok=know, pardon. If you don't understand some words, think I speak Spanish, please.

just don't expect the media to change anytime soon either: 1) Media continues to downsize and reduce its pay scale (far below that of a meteorologist's salary,) and 2) A meteorologist would seek a balanced story and not agree to a sensational headline written by an activist editor. Our climate does change -- always has and always will, but we little humans in westernized cultures only live on average of 75 years and not all of that time is dedicated to observing and disseminating data. So, the best solution for now is to question those who believe in the theory of global warming, beginning with your hometown newsroom. There is no better example of inept reporting than a recent article by LiveScience on the encroaching tree line across Canada's arctic tundra.

yep u people need to stop watchin tv

Thanks for giving me counsels to live.

I don't know that YOU need. Perhaps would agree you to think a little more in this matter, and to become aware of its gravity.

Global warming has been around since the dawn of time, It's natural
can't you hippies leave nature to the polluters, by the time global warming actually gets a DANGEROUS situation, the world will be gone (Aprox 1.2-2.3 Million years)

Thanks for the "hippie" compliment.