Aged Earrings





Introduction: Aged Earrings

The Story:

Apparently, the skill of Persian rug weaving has been handed down by parents to their children, as a guarded family recipe. Needless to say, these rugs are difficult to replicate and repair. Naturally, I asked if I could take some scraps home.

I made a pair for his wife's birthday.

Here's how I did it...

Step 1: Frame

3D Modeling Software: Tinkercad

Printer: Ultimaker

Material: Protopasta Iron

Printing Service: 3D Hubs San Francisco (Calvin's Hub)

My Dimensions: 44mm x 44m x 11m

**Your thickness will vary depending on desired rug.

Step 2: Post Process

1. Smooth with wire brush to expose more iron particles.

2. Soak/Spray in salt water, white vinegar and hydrogen peroxide.

3. Wrap marinated prints in a paper towel and lightly spray the paper towel with the same solution. Put in a ziplock bag to hold in moisture.

4. Wait 5 hours - 2 days depending on desired look. The longer the prints stay damp the more they'll rust.

5. Yay, to rust!

6. Sand with 800 grit.

7. Seal with candle wax.

**As a by product you'll have a scented earring.

Step 3: Rug

Cut your desired rug to match prints.

Paste the edges of rug with Modge Podge.

Nestle the rug in the print.

Step 4: Dry

Allow Modge Podge to dry for 30 min - 1 hr

Step 5: Hooks

Heat up the end of a pin with a lighter.

Poke (gently) a hole for the hook.

Slide the earring hook through the hole.

Step 6: Wear

Share them with a friend who'll appreciate ancient and modern crafts. :)



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