This year for Christmas I decided to create a present for my wife. We are both nerds and the release of "The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey" put into motion a project I had wanted to do for a while but had put on a back burner due to school. My wife has always voiced a desire to have a large map on the wall of our office. Initally I thought to make a duplicate of the map that is used in the film but I thought it wouldn't be large enough so I instead decided to make a huge map of Middle Earth for the office. I liked the idea of a map but I wanted to make it look a little more unique and aged than just a simple map. So I set out to make an aged map of Middle Earth and wanted to take you along on for this unexpected journey. Don't forget to vote!

Step 1: Concerning Hobbits......er......Maps and Things

Let us be off. Firstly, lets cover some needed things and prices (rounded up to nearest dollar):

Map image - Free
Map print - $7
Wood - $6 (by getting a 4'x8' piece of plywood for $12 you can do two different large prints/projects and Home Depot will cut it for free )
Spray adhesive - $6
Black Tea and/or Instant Coffee - Free
Wood stain and/or paint - $4
Pocket Handkerchief and/or rags - Free
Paintbrush - Free (or dirt cheap)
Mounting hardware - $3
Painter's tape - Free (or dirt cheap if you don't have any on hand)

Total Cost - $26

Tools: (I am not putting a price list on the tools as these are tools most people either have or have access to)
Clamps (Optional but very helpful)
Needle nose Pliers with wire cutter (Optional but very helpful)
Fan (Optional but very helpful)
Bathtub or very long waterproof tub
<p>Very well done(I like the aged look), I am a crazy LOTR fan and this is awesome!</p>
<p>Thanks! </p>
<p>i'm 3 ft too tall to be a Hobbit, but i would seriously fit in with their culture...</p><p>awesome post, thanks!!</p>
<p>Thank you and you're welcome! </p>
<p>Turned out wonderfully! Got some rips when soaking in the tub and thought I may have ruined the whole thing, but it worked out perfectly and really added to the aged look of the map. After it had dried from the tea bath, I made some really strong, black coffee and dabbed/poured that over the map as it was laying on the wood. It added a lot of contrast with some really dark/light areas. Thanks for this! It was for my fiancee's B-day and she loves it...On to Thror's Map ;)</p>
<p>Well done! I showed my wife your image and she thought it was the one from our living room! Haha! It looks fantastic! I too thought the rips in mine were going to ruin it but when it's all said and done you're right, it does add to the aged look. Great job! </p>
<p>I wanted a slightly smaller map: 24&quot; high instead of 36&quot;. So I went to the same source and fixed up a map the same way as this gentleman. Namely, resized it, converted the red text to black so it will print solid and clear (which really matters on the smaller labels!), and put some white buffer around the text so it doesn't get jumbled into the landscape. Here's my version in a 17 MB PDF file:</p><p><a href="" rel="nofollow"></a></p><p>Enjoy.</p>
This may be a tad rude, but would you mind giving us the 'shopped file(I have no photoshop knowledge at all)
OrIsIt! Thanks to matt_uhs's awesome idea about dropbox, <a href="https://www.dropbox.com/s/hbsyj10t072ohro/Middle%20Earth.tif" rel="nofollow">here </a>is a link to the edited 3'x4' .tiff file. Hope this helps! I've also added it into step 2.
Hey Orlslt, it's not rude at all. Due to the resolution and size of the image, the file is nearly 500mb. I'll upload it to a file hosting site and then post a link here. Keep in mind it is a 36&quot; tall by 48&quot; wide image so unless you want it that large, it may be wise to resize it first using a resizing website or a free photoshop-like program such as GIMP.
Thank you.&nbsp;I&nbsp;<em>am</em>&nbsp;going for 36x48 print so I don't expect that to be the real problem. Also, I looked both here and on the 'ible you posted a link of(for the aging process) and I could't find anything about what to do if it is an Inkjet. Also, I'm sorry I didn't write this before, this 'ible is amazing.
Thanks! I posted a new link for a site that does discuss aging paper for inkjet projects in that same section. I'm still trying to find a good file hosting site that can host a 437mb file. Most have a 200mb file restriction. Once I do find a good hosting site I'll post the link to the image here.
Hey DIY Micah, thanks for this awesome 'ible! As for hosting the image, why not try the shared feature on Dropbox?
Hi matt_uhs. Thanks for the Dropbox idea! That seems like it'll work. I'm updating my ible at the moment with the direct file link.
This is an absolutely terrific 'ible, with good links to other 'ibles, clear instructions, and quite funny ... dialogue, perhaps? Instant fave, against the time I need something like this. Thanks!
Thanks WriterChick! Most of the titles and some of the random text come from either the books or the movies.
We used Staples for the photo parts of a photo wrapped canvas artwork---for matte photo paper sized 13&quot;x16&quot; B&amp;W prints they charged $7 each; they even gave us the &quot;test&quot; ones they ran as &quot;quick n dirty&quot; to make sure we got the image we needed. <br> <br>They were also able to work with the pic emailed directly to their desk from an Android phone---the image we needed was taken with the phone. This allowed for better enlargement with less grain and distortion. We also used Walmart for some pics we only had &quot;hard copies&quot; of and they offer larger (poster and above!) sizes at CERTAIN photo centers in some stores. These actually came out very nice and were very reasonable and you can do all the sizing and editing yourself so you get exactly what you need. And you can get them printed in several sizes in an hour or so. <br> <br>Great map! Nice technique! Might use this as a housewarming for first house gift idea--map of town where relatives new house is!
cooooooooooooool <br> <br>that is pretty neat! <br>thanks for the instructable
Thanks 101geese and you're welcome.
Wonderful 'ible! (and thanks for the great link to the map!)
Thanks crossfire and you're welcome.

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