When I wanted to make my own agility ladder for football training, no one had published an instructable on how to make one. So I did some research on the dimesions and bought the supplies I thought I would need. You can make the lenth as long as you want, the longer the harder.


100 ft of rope
- Any kind or thickness will work, but the diameter pvc will have to be twice as the diameter of the rope. It doesn't have to be strong or anything.
- You don't need a 100 ft, I used about 70 ft, but alittle extra never hurt.

20 ft of PVC
- I only used 17 ft, but they sell them by 10 ft lenghts
- I used 1/2" but any size will work.

Step 1: Cutting the rungs

You first want to deside how wide you want your spaces and how long you want your ladder.
- longer the ladder more rungs you will need
- widder the rungs, more space in between and easier for beginners

I cut 13, 16" peices. It made a pretty long ladder and works great.

A chop saw works really well if you use a jig that is measured out to 16" so you dont have to measure each one. You just need to push it against the jig set to 16"  
<p>Good afternoon! If you are not sure to buy this thing or not to buy I will tell you the answer. Dedinitely, yes! Recently, I had decided to learn to ride on snowboard and that was the reason why I started to train my legs more often. My trained adviced me this cool thing. I mean, the agility ladder. I usually train with it for 2 times per week. So, 3 months passed since the time I had started to train. It really works. I feel that my legs are powerful enough for starting training to ride on snowboard. I guess, if you are engaged in another kind of sport this ladder will help you anyway.</p>
Great and easy. I didn't knot each rung through, I chose to pick thicker rope so there is little play but enough so I can adjust distance between each rung. Made two ladders, the one pictured is smaller and wider and is being used for plyometrics. Works great
use metal tubing and u got an emergency escape ladder :3
I have used this PVC ladder in a tree and it worked great. But metal would pry be alot safer.
Way easier to move than tires, way cheaper than a store-bought agility ladder. Nice work.

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