Step 13:

Assemble the axle and thread the cam onto it gluing it down onto the grey areas.
Ewe can lambast me if ewe like, but I believe people wool flock to make this sheep, wether they be old mutton or spring lamb...
<p>My first try was a mess, but then I enlarged all the cut outs and they were easier to work with. Also, these instructions are the best I've seen - thanks!</p>
<p>Brilliant, very clever.</p>
Omg that's adorable! :)
<p>Was not so easy, but did it. Happy - both dad &amp; kid! Great Instructable.</p>
Cool! Is all I can say.
LOL! Really cute!
Wow! That sheep is amazing! Just came across it while checking out the papercraft challenge. Definitely gonna try and hack one using Bare Paint to see if I can make it's eyes light on and off!
Pretty awesome instructable!!! <br />I took some hours to work it out,eh..not very like yours though.. <br />anyway, I like you sheep verymuch, good job!
I knew you would win first Place, and I was right. Congratulations on 1st place in Schoomaroo's Paper Challenge.
Thanks for the congratulations, I'm very excited about winning :-)
Great instructable! Congrats on 1st place in Scoochmaroo's papercraft challenge!
Well done on winning Scoochmaroo Papercraft Challenge!!
is step 10 backwards???
I made this yesterday for my 2 year old son. He was squealing &quot;Sheep! Sheep!&quot; for ages while we were playing with it. Thanks for such a geat project - the instructions were fantastic and easy to follow (but is it meant to have te same photo for step 11 and step 16?).
I'm delighted that you have enjoyed this Instrucatable. I've fixed the picture on step 16. Thanks for pointing it out. Rob
meu filhinho vai adorar! genial sua ideia, parabens.
Hi Rob! I follow you on your website, it is nice finding you here! Your sheep is very funny!
This is really sweet! I am always looking for things like this for my students. School got out three days ago; now I can hardly wait for fall! Thanks.
yes really awesome <br>its cute
HAHA thats awesome!
I think I need a flock!
That is the cutest thing!!
this is friggin' adorable. props.
Cute, I love when they move.
Oh this is so darn cute!! Nice job!
This makes me so very happy.

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