My daughter really wanted to be Ahsoka Tano from Star wars, the clone wars, for Halloween. To get some idea's I looked around the Instructables website and found an Instructable here on how to make a Togruta headpiece . That author came up with a really good idea. Taking that idea, I modified it to make it easier to mold and closer to what the character actually looks like.

Step 1: The Headpiece

What you'll need:

- Foam head (needed to build the headpiece on. I found them at a thrift store for around a dollar)
- Some stiff wire
- Heavy tape (Duct or Gaff tape will do)
- A bald cap (found at any costume shop or dept. store that sells costumes)
- Crayola Model Magic (You should only need a 2 lb box, but I ended up buying an extra 8 oz bag as well.)
- 4 or 6 Toilet paper roll, depending on how big you make the headpiece.
- Badger model paint, 16-82 LN Blue
- White gloss spray paint
- Silver paint
- A silver beaded necklace
- Pliers that can also cut wire
- A palm sander with fine sandpaper (You could use a sanding block, but this is way faster)

Great job with the headpiece! Considering this for comic con
Thanks! I'd love to see a photo of your finished piece if you make one.
<p>This is awesome! Totally going to make the headpiece. Just a question though, does it cover the wearer's ears? How does it fit in that regard?</p>
<p>Thanks! Actually its the bald cap that covers the ears directly, but headpiece does also cover them too. The pictures below hopefully show that. When making the head piece you need to take into account room for ears. My daughter never complained that they were bothered when she wore it.</p><p>I'd love to see some pictures of your finished work once you're done.</p>
Going to build a costume for my daughter, and this is super helpful! Great job on the headpiece in particular!
<p>Thanks! I hope you'll share a photo of the finished costume.</p>
<p>Still in progress... I used 14 gauge wire connected by heavy tape, and I sealed the tape with hot glue. I used a lot of toilet paper rolls, but that was just so I wouldn't need as much model magic. Anyways, great tutorial, thanks :)</p>
Fantastic! can't wait to see the finished result! Make sure you test fit it on your head before applying model magic. That was always my daughters complaint that it was too tight,
<p>progress update: I finished the headpiece with nearly a full bag of model magic left, most likely due to the amount of paper towel rolls I used. For some reason accidentally ordered multi colored model magic, I promise I'm not going as an 80s hipster ahsoka mash up as the pictures bellow suggest :) I painted over it with spray paint and tape, WARNING: don't paint then remove tape before it drys. I had to do a lot of repair work because I made that stupid mistake. The headpiece fits great, now all that is left is the dress, armbands, (season 3-5 outfit) gauntlets, tights, and boot covers. see you people at salt lake comic con 2015! :D</p>
<p>finished product:</p>
<p>Good job! Hope you have fun at the con. Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>Hi. I made this for my daughter for Halloween this year. Unfortunately, the model magic just crumbled as it dried, and nothing I can do to fill the cracks is working. Going to have to scrap this project and try making something with fabric. Yours looks beautiful, I just wish mine had worked as well. Maybe a humidity issue? </p>
<p>I'm sorry to hear that it didn't work. I'm not sure why yours crumbled so quickly. Did the thicker portions crack? I'd suggest sending an email to crayola asking them about what happened. I'm leaning towards you got a bad batch and I think telling them your problems might get you a refund or a fresh batch sent out. Another question. Was the stuff a little stiff to work with? I tried using some older stuff, that had been taken from a package and then re-wrapped, on my daughters weeping angel project and I found that it did crumble and didn't stick together very well at all. If tghis sounds familiar i'd say you got a package that had an air hole in it.</p>
Sorry, I don't mean to be rude or anything but are you going to put the step by step instructions on making the wire frame any time soon? I need them for this weekend!
And one more thing, if you could add the price for these things then I would TOTALLY try making this!! Plz and thank you
Question: could you do steps on how to make the wire shape with pictures on each step? I found it hard to make without that. But other that that AWESOME!
Great instruction for a great challenge. You did a super job! Your daughter better be grateful to have you!!!! ;)
Great job, the head piece looks amazing!
Fantastic build!
That looks great! I love all the little things you did to really make the costume come together. The head piece is amazing and I love that she can show it off on the fake head.

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