Introduction: Ailettes

Ailettes is a French word for "little wings". Ailettes are something between shoulder armor, shield and blazon. They were made from the wood and covered with leather and/or fabrics with painted heraldics. They could have been in almost every shape, but they were often just rectangles.
As I made them just for a larp battle, I didn't make them from a plywood, but I used a tough carpet :D

I made them in a shape that is a little similar to the Gimli's shoulder armor because I made them for my dwarven costume.

It's really easy to make them!
You will need: 
  • plywood (I used carpet, because it was cheaper, easier to work with)
  • fabrics
  • leather
  • thread and needle
  • glue
  • paints

Well.. You can choose the old fashioned (and right) way to make them. Take a piece of plywood in a desired shape and sew it into two pieces of leather. Make holes on the bottom layer and add some leather stripes for fastening into them. Then sew or glue a piece of fabric onto it. After that just take you paints and make some heraldic symbol.

Or you can do it as I did. It's almost the same, but it's quicker and easier:) 
Draw the future shape of ailettes on a carpet and then cut it twice and glue together (be generous with a glue so they could harden). Don't forget to make holes for leather. Next step is the same. Glue or sew a piece of fabric. Because fabrics aren't (or shoudln't be) transparet, it won't make much difference between plywood and carpet. In the end just make some painting :)

And that's all!
After that just tie them to your chainmaille armor or fasten them to the padded collar
Ailettes are easy to make and looks cool and you can show the world for which nation you fight.

I hope you like this ible and I'll be glad for any comments!



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    oh nice! I'd never heard of these before (but then again, I've not looked into late mediaeval armour. I've seen stuff about how it was made, but not what the components were or how they went together...

    I did not follow this, I did my own research and found this. I would like to share my historical ailettes. 13th century Templar.


    wow, that's cool! Well I'm more interested into early medieval ages and I also made them for my dwarven costume for larp, so I admit they're not historically accurate. Thanks for sharing yours!

    Early middle ages like Viking almost? I have a few Viking friends. And of course. No problem.

    Viking vs Teuton.JPG1452163_622580497799864_510340573_n.jpg

    is that viking... rusty? or is that colour underneath the ringmail? or actually on the rings?

    I like the colors a lot. BLOOD...!