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Introduction: Airplane Cake

3D Airplane Cake



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    Where can I get this stand? I'm doing this cake for my son's birthday and need this stand! I'd be happy to buy it from you :-)

    I think it looks great!!! yes, fondant could add more detail, but personally I don't like the texture or the taste. When I make cakes for friends I give them the options. My step-dad is also a pilot. Thank you for the idea. this will make a great B-day cake for him. Great Job!!!

    i can probally make a base, nice instructible

    Finally, a cake that looks like something AND is mostly edible. Ever seen that show Ace of Cakes? I don't know how they can legally call those cakes... It's mostly PVC pipe and cardboard.

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    On that point, if you make these often, you should go find a good recipe for fondant online. It's like wallpaper for cake that makes it look more real. It's basically water and sugar with food coloring. By the way, anyone notice how this plane looks like the Dodo from Grand Theft Auto 3 (original)?

    They call it cake because they sell it with an unseen sheet cake that is the real "cake" part of it. Also, the client knows how much cake and how much "cake" their getting ahead of time.

    You're right, fondant is the way to go for a more realistic look. The second one I made a few years later was covered in fondant and it was much better. This one lacks the details that I like to add now and my skills have improved since then, but at the time I was quite proud of it.

    nice, but how do you make it? I fyou made an instructable on how to make that airplane base AND the cake, then i would vote for it.

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    I agree - it's a real shame this is just a few photos with a vague explanation of creation. I was all excited or some hardcore cake plane instructions. Your friend makes a good cake though.

    Fair enough. I wish I could tell you! My friend made it for me because I didn't have a clue where to start. I was hoping that by showing what it looked like on the inside, it would give someone an idea on how to create their own. I think the guy who built it really went overboard with details. You can make a basic one without all the details. I did a similar one out of foam board. Once I cut out the template, I held it up with 2 dowels and used those for the wheels. The tail end of the plane rested on the cake board.