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Summer has come. Some people might choose to stay inside the house with cool air instead of the beach. Talking about air conditioner, direct air flow to the body can cause rheumatism. We should plan well while placing an aircon in a room. We don't have much option for the placement because we should consider the hose and power line to the external machine. Then it must be near the outer wall.

Case One : My dad's room. The aircon is high above and the air flow is directly to his head. Even if the swing door is placed downward, due to the short swing door, the air still goes directly to his head. I can simply stick sushi mats on it. Why sushi mat? It has thin gaps in between, so some air will still pass the mats and most of it will be bent downward. Double tape and two sushi mats solve this problem.

Case Two : My room. The ceiling is lower and my bed is just below the aircon. Even if I set the swing door max to the top, the air flow still hits me due to the large opening area below the swing door. All I need to do is "Bend the air up." Well, we had placed it well before the family grows (more kids) and then we needed to move our bed :D

Step 1: Ingridients

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Step 2: Suction Cups

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  • Twist your wire around the suction cup holder.
  • Slide in the fuel hose.
  • Twist the other end of the wire around another suction cup holder.
  • Now make another one so we get a pair of this wire with suction cups on their ends.

Step 3: Stick It On

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Straight wire is too long for the sushi mat while folding the wire in the middle is too short. Then I make a zig-zag to the wires. Do it with your own style. Stick the suction cup under your aircon. Find a glossy part to stick the suction cups. Stick the other end of suction cups to the mats. Because the mats have gaps, you can't stick it directly. But place some transparent tape under the mats for the suction cups to hold. You can do the same trick on the bottom of the aircon where you stick the suction cups. Shape it curly up so most of the air will flow up to the ceiling. Only a little get down through the mat.

Step 4: Modification

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I found another dining table mats that suit my room furniture. They are wider, so I can cover the top and bottom of the wire with a little stitches to hold the lower side of the mats. They are similar to the sushi mats. They are made of thin bamboo and have little gaps in between.

You can try with other materials and other way to stick. Be kindly to share in the comment section ;)


YourMagesty (author)2016-08-09 identified a problem, and found a low-tech solution. BRAVO!

chienline (author)YourMagesty2016-08-09

Thank you ^^
My brain is just can't stop thinking :D

YourMagesty (author)chienline2016-08-10

Well, that's a good thing, right? LOL

DreamDabbler (author)2016-07-06

I'm pretty sure cold air doesn't cause rheumatism, but I imagine it could make it more noticeable.

chienline (author)DreamDabbler2016-07-07

Well, maybe not. But somehow the direct blow of air is not good for health as far as I know. And it also gives me headache sometimes.

nic.bryan.73 (author)chienline2016-07-07

I have never had that problem, and I sleep next to several large fans because my parents won't let me turn the AC below 80 and I can't sleep in that kind of heat.

chienline (author)nic.bryan.732016-07-07

You might have a body of steel :D
I can't get direct blow for too long. Not with a fan, not even in a car. It gets pain in the face or arms those are hit directly for quite a long time :'(

nic.bryan.73 (author)chienline2016-07-08

It does dry my eyes out, but I usually use a blindfold when I'm sleeping anyway.

imerrymary (author)2016-07-06

This is the solution to my floor vent that won't adjust correctly. I moved my favorite chair last week and it's right next to a vent that blows very cold air onto my arm. I was going to shop for something, but I have the bamboo mat and since the vent is on the floor, I'll glue magnets onto the corners! Thanks for a great idea!!

chienline (author)imerrymary2016-07-06

Happy making .. and please kindly share a photo if you have made one. Who knows the others are facing the same problem like yours :)

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