Step 2: Prepping components

Picture of Prepping components
Disassemble your valve. I am not going to be modding it as it is really unnecessary for this project. Taking it apart simply makes it easier to paint.

While the paint is drying (if you choose to paint), now is a good time to cut your tubes if you have not done so already. PVC saws (looks like a metal string) are cheap and effective. I personally use a band saw to zip though everything. Guitar strings also work, just be very careful - it will eventually snap and the filament will be extremely hot (I've had burns from this). Guitar strings also have a tendancy to wrap themselves around when they snap.

Now is also a good time to sand off any burrs and lightly sand the mating edges of the fittings and tubes.
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crashbash4 years ago
The model I bought looks EXACTLY like this exept for the flush trigger, it doesnt have one, its made by the same manufacturer and its the same model, did they remove it from the design?
There's this "plastic fusion" paint that might stick really well depending on what kind of plastic the valve is made of. There's something that works even better than a band saw or friction saw/guitar strings. They make special PVC "scissors" that have extra leverage and a ratcheting mechanism. They're the best thing to use on smaller diameter pipe. They cut clean and leave no shavings.
     I've seen those "PVC scissors" before, maybe on TV. They're incredibly, but not as much, huge. Should be easy to spot when you need it. Unless you were in a warehouse it would be lost for sure.
I've never seen one that big.  They're usually about the size of tin snips and can cut pipe up to like 1.25".