Picture of Air Chamber for air gun
This is how to make an air chamber to use in conjunction with my Pump action dart gun or a air gun

I will put good photos in soon but for now you will have to rely on paint for pics

And ill put in a vid soon
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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials
What you need:

1 piece of PVC pipe 35cm by 50mm (or whatever)

2 end caps 50mm HIGH PRESSURE END CAPS because the the weak ones will make the chamber EXPLODE it happened to me.

plummers glue or dam strong glue

car valve or motobike valve

hose fitting

more dam strong glue like areldite stuff (for the bike valve and hose fitting)

se pic

Step 2: Drilling

Picture of drilling
get the end caps and drill the size if the bike valve and hose fitting so it is a snug fit

Then glue the craper out of it so its DAMMMM strong

Step 3: See pic

Picture of see pic
seeeee picture |

Step 4: Building

Picture of Building
now glue the inside of both end caps with plumbers glue or equalivent, after the valve and fitting are glued well
then attach end caps to PVC

you can also glue PVC where the end caps go


Step 5: Completion

Picture of Completion
YEY YOUR, DONE NOW PUMP IT UP usuall to about 120 PSI but be carfull and use safety equiptment you should hopfully gey a couple of shots out of it YEY


see pic
trebuchet038 years ago
If you want to pressure test safely (the method you have in your last step is NOT a safe method). Fill the reservoir with water - then pressurize. Water will not compress and therefore you will have less stored energy at the same pressure. So should a joint fail - the amount of energy released is much less ;) Also, if you don't want your tank to "explode" (as per step 1), use ABS. If it does fail - it will not "explode" it will stretch. And when I say ABS, I don't mean the tubing used for drains and such (which is a multi-layered material) - I mean go to a plastics supplier and get solid ABS. Lastly - I get a bad feeling about a standard hose fitting considering there's better alternatives that cost very little :/
Water will compress because it has air and oxygen in it. If you want something non-compressing use brake fluid. It's messy and will corrode things, but it won't compress and that's why it's used in brake lines instead of water. ;)
water doesn't compress, and oil its used on break lines cos doesn't freeze so easily, Salu2
If you decide to use brake fluid or similar fluid test a small bit on every part you're thinking of using first to make sure it doesn't just melt it down..example: brake fluid will disolve car paint and by the way, if you have a neighbor you hate give their car a brake fluid bath.. They'll love you for washing their car.... NOT!
lukeRAMBO (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
It isent a standard hose fitting i just didn't know the name, but it is metal and works very well, the fitting i used is from an air compresser where it clips on to an air nossel or sprayer or whateva it is called, also the design posted here works damm well and i have put 240 PSI in it. IT COST ME $3.50 Australian
Ahh, I think you mean an airline quick connect (which has a built in ball valve). Knowing the right terms when documenting a project really everyone understand ;) I think a picture of the actual thing would have made it clear too :P
lukeRAMBO (author)  trebuchet038 years ago
yes i think that is what it is trebuchet03 and ill put photos on soon which will make it alot easer to understand
what psi hav u rated this to? as i see it made, i see it made around 250psi or a little more? lol and i dont like this idea for a tank(no offence), i am working on a 10000psi air cannon, i got the schematics made up nearly, and i am just saving up money for it now...
10,000 psi? Are you swiping parts from NASA? What kind of compresor are you thinking of? A possitronic or anti matter engine from star trek?
that would cost a bilion dollars
just having trouble finding a pneumatic actuated ball valve, and i am rifling the barrel....
do u have the plans for 10 000 psi tank?
These kids are probably of age by now and have jobs and can finally afford A $50 compressor I hope anyway.. anyway, for a cheap tank I was thinking if you can find then get your hands of a use oxygen tank...the type people with breathing problems drag around on small carts.. The tops come off easy. I strapped them to a tree then used a pipe wrench to remove the valves. Those tanks are solid aluminum and rated quite high. You can get them in metal scrap yards usually. Just a thought..Imagine the psi you can pump into those things!
nosebleedXD5 years ago
hey can ABS DWV pipes work?
instead of glue couldn't you use pvc cement
0.775volts8 years ago
for joining pvc, one should use pvc cement. is there a valve in this design somewhere? right now I'm seeing an open-ended chamber, which would make for a very poor pressure vessel.
ya I know I was like.... wth is the piston? (for airsoft)
what about abs pipe? do i use pvc cement, or is there abs cement?
Rishnai toogers7 years ago
Ask the folks in the plumbing department at the hardware store what glue will work with your pressure-rated pipe. It is pressure-rated, right?
toogers Rishnai6 years ago
yep. plenty pruessure rated
lukeRAMBO (author)  0.775volts8 years ago
have a look at the picture and the WORD VALVE
when you said "hose fitting" - it is easy to interpret that as a common garden hose fitting. That is what he's referring to ;)
Thank you for understanding what I meant. Yes, pictures help. a lot. The drawing looks like a hose barb, (which I assumed it to be). and rambo, please try not to be so hotheaded, this is a constructive community.
lukeRAMBO (author)  0.775volts8 years ago
sorry 0.775 dident mean it, i thought i set it out easly enough
poo bum8 years ago
can u pump it up without using a air compressor?eg can u use a bike pump? because i dont have a compressor lol.
whitish poo bum6 years ago
just get an air compressor its worth it. you can get a cheapy air compressor for $50, maybe at someplace like harbor freight.
Rishnai poo bum7 years ago
Yes, just make sure both you and your pump can handle it. For example, I find it nearly impossible to get 90 psi with my pump because it gets almost impossible to push faster than it leaks (it leaks around the valve stem. go figure), even though it's supposed to be able to pump higher. Failing that, use the air compressor at the gas station or car wash. It ranges from free to 50 cents, depending on whether you're under 16 and whether you buy gas.
toogood8 years ago
i have an air gun and a co2 pistol ..... im 11
hello, im 12 and i have air gun too.
Argon27 toogood7 years ago
Don't you have to be thirteen to be amember of instructables!??!?!?
toogood Argon277 years ago
its my bros acount but he told me the password
Mattrox toogood6 years ago
same, cept im 14... High five!
lukeRAMBO (author) 8 years ago
yes you can punp it up with a bike pump although you need one which can handle 100+ psi
poo bum8 years ago
can u pump it up without using a air compressor?eg can u use a bike pump? because i dont have a compressor lol.