Air Compressor





Introduction: Air Compressor

In this instructable, I will describe how you can build your own air compressor.

Step 1: Components

The main parts for an air compressor are a boiler for the compressed air, I got an old gas bottle from a gas company, the compressor itself, I took one from an old truck who has generated compressed air for the brakes. And an electric motor to move the compressor.

Step 2: Put Everything Together

I have made a test run on a piece of wood.

After everything runs fine, I took a stainless steel sheet and welded it one the gas bottle and screwed the compressor and motor on it.

The Motor has a Speed from ~3000 U/min^-1 and the pulley diameter is 67 mm.

On the Compressor the pulley has diameter from ~180 mm this shall in a result of ~1116.66 U/min^-1 and with the power from the motor with 750 W, a torque from ~6.4 Nm.

The pressure switch, switches off the engine at a pressure from 6 bar, and switches it on at a pressure from 2 bar.

Step 3: Extras

To tighten the strap, I have built a tensioner.

I took two nuts and weld it on a piece of steel. Then I screwed the device in front of the motor and turn two screws against the engine to stretch the strap.



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