My air conditioner runs most of the summer and the condinsation line drips and keeps the side of my driveway wet and the ground soggy. I kept a three gallon bucket under it last year and emptied it out at least twice daily to water some new trees and plants. What I needed was a way to automaticly drain the water when it got full into my water collection tank so I could use it when I neded it (or with my next project, the auto watering sysyetm). I dont have a lot of descretionary funding, so I had to do this on the cheap. Along with the bucket I already had I recycled a few other bits and peices to make this automated system.

Step 1: Parts List

Parts list. Most of these items I used because I already had them

1/2" drill bit  (drill optional if you can spin the bit really fast)

Cigar or Project box. ( Mine is indoors, so i used a wooden box, but you can buy watertight ones if you want to mount yours outside.

Old bucket

Old extension cord or two

Old garden hose  (You only need the female end)

On-delay timer.    

120 volt Outlet

Electrical tape

Wire Nuts

Water fountain pump  

Float Switch  

Old speaker wire

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