Air Cooled 2 Stroke Cylinder Head Using Shell Casting




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Introduction: Air Cooled 2 Stroke Cylinder Head Using Shell Casting

Not Long ago, we decided to make a custom air cooled cylinder for a two stroke engine that we're developing.

We decided to use Shell casting, mainly because we'd never done it before.

Step 1: Patterns and Sand Box

First we CNC machined some patterns and some boxes to hold the sand

Step 2: Shell Sand Mold

Heat the pattern and invert the sand over it. The sand is coated with a thermoplastic resin that binds together and forms a shell. This is used as the mold to pour the aluminum

Step 3: Make the Castings

Pour the aluminum. fettle and shotblast

Step 4: CNC Machining

Machine the Cylinder head to fit your engine

Step 5: Fit on Engine




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    what did you put on top of the casting that burst into flames? Why do you do that?


    1 reply

    It's an exothermic hot topping compound. It is sprinkled on the risers to make sure they remain molten till the casting freezes. This ensures a sound casting

    Very nice project. Thanks.

    Interesting project. Looks like you modeled it off a Briggs and Stratton style engine.

    1 reply

    Nope. The starting point was a Honda 2 stroke scooter engine