Air Dry Clay Stamp to Get You Stampin’ in Style





Introduction: Air Dry Clay Stamp to Get You Stampin’ in Style

Make an impressive one of a kind clay stamp by using PLUS air dry clay

Materials need:

Plus air dry clay

Pencil or a wooden skewer

Cheese cutter Buttons, stamps or anything with a good texture

Clear acrylic spray to seal

Cooking Spray

Step 1: Shape the Clay Stamp

Pull or cut a piece of clay off of block about the size of a walnut. Without over working the clay, shape the clay into a ball by rolling in between hands.

Begin forming the handle of the stamp by grasping ball in the middle and pulling and rolling a handle or doorknob shape.

Tap the ball end of the stamp lightly on a flat surface to make the stamp work space.

Step 2: Design Your Air Dry Clay Stamp

Take a pencil and make a design in the clay that is deep enough to leave a good impression. At this point, do not moisten either piece as this will make it very hard to remove the pressed in object.

Optional: use a cheese cutter to cut around the stamp to make a more interesting design.

Allow to dry thoroughly. The air dry clay will become lighter in color and will not be cool to the touch. This may take a day or two. Spray the stamp with clear acrylic spray to make it water resistant. Let it dry and then spray lightly with a cooking spray for easy release.

Step 3: Using Your Stamp

Roll out some Plus air dry clay. Stamp the clay. You now have an imprint of your clay stamp.

Use a skewer to cut around your impression and you have a new clay piece to dry and use as you wish.

Created by Karen Lowrey (March 2015); photographs by Suzanne Bardwell

Step 4:



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Wow! This is so cool! Thanks of making this!