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Air Dusters arent just for cleaning things, they are also potential propellant. Here you will see how to launch small objects at reasonable velocity (i used erasers).

Step 1: Lets GO!

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Ok, first lets go grab what we need. Of course you need the air duster with the little plastic straw. Nowdays this is available at Target and Wal-Mart or other places like that, along with electronics stores. Get whatever is cheapest, but it must have the plastc straw.

Ok, now we need a click pen. The one pictured works best (and they are mostly free from car delerships) because it comes apart nicely.

We also need a lighter, or like i did the first time you can use a stove if you are really carefull. A projectile can be found later, i use erasers from cheap pencils.

DISCLAIMER: this project can possibly injure somebody. I am not responsible for any injuries, damages or deaths related to the fabrication or usage of this product. Allways use common saftey sense and proper saftey equipment while fabricating or using this product. It can shoot over 100ft and still sting a little.
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Step 2: Pen to Barrel

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Now we have everything lets get going. Take the pen apart as shown. You don't need anything but the outer casing and the pointy plastic tip. Take the spring and flick it across the room for you to find later (or don't).

Now take the plastic straw from the air duster and stick it into where the ink tube was not so long ago. It probably wont fit too snugly so this is where the lighter (or stovetop) comes in. CAREFULLY melt the tip untill it's barely soft and roll it on the desktop to shrink the diamater of the tip to fit the straw fairly snugly.

It should be fairly difficult to pull it off of the straw because it will be holding pressure later. Now we need to finish up. If my vague discriptions haven't helped, the pictures should help.

Step 3: Looking Sweet Yet?

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At this point, you should be seeing the whole gun part. Pretty simple, but I am long winded and must overly explain everything. So we have the Gun finished now, but we have no projectile. What are we going to do? Calm down, i have this under control.

After years [and by years i men about 2 min] of R&D; I discovered that your average eraser from an el cheapo [or free] wooden pencil works very well. If its too small, try a different eraser, there are 2 normal sizes and the biggest one works the best.

I have found that using some oil [i use reel oil, but 3 in 1 oil or similar will work] helps out a lot with getting a snug but not too snug fit with the eraser. If the eraser fits too snugly, the whole barrel will go flying, which is pretty cool, but not as fast. If you shove the eraser down too far, you can use the straw to push it back out to a good firing fit.

In my tests, my basement is a little over 100ft long and it goes all the way to the other side without too much arc. Be carefull when shooting, it can sting, and possibly maim, so use common sense and if you lack this, do not make my project. ENJOY!


Jetmaster360 (author)2015-11-08

You probably shuld have had the whole "common sense" thing at the START of the instructible.

ConcealedSeries (author)2015-06-18

RayJN (author)2014-01-24

Did you know difluoroethane when involved in a fire fumes include carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide and HYDROGEN FLUORIDE?

Glass and ceramics are corroded by Hydrogen Fluoride.

nathan41492 (author)2006-12-14

Would an airsoft BB fit in there? That would hurt a lot more!

codongolev (author)nathan414922008-08-02

I bet it would.....

bwool1 (author)codongolev2011-07-07

I have made plenty of airsoft guns with pens like that, and airsoft BB's fit fine in them. The only problem that I can think of with an airsoft BB is that the compressed air might go right past the BB, so you might want to use some oil as in step 3.

mrbob1000 (author)2006-11-25

i did that to a flower and it shattered... are you thinking what im thinking (razor sharp ice bullet)

Crash2108 (author)mrbob10002006-11-27

For an ice bullet, you have to slowly cool it so that the ice crystals are bigger. That way, it is stronger.

beehard44 (author)Crash21082011-06-07

hmm, first time i heard that, i'll give it a shot with blunt ones once i get my air duster (2 dollars a can, how cheaper can it get?)

shadymilkman (author)mrbob10002006-11-27

if you decide to do an ice bullet, please be carefull. I dont want to hear something on the news about some guy shooting somebody to death with 'razor sharp ice bullets.' it would be pretty cool tho......

beehard44 (author)2011-06-07

guess what they have adapters to use these in airsoft guns!
maybe i can use this for my current sniper project...

sharlston (author)2009-04-27


redneckjaybyrd (author)sharlston2009-08-17

It only costs a few bucks in the states, you could probably buy it off the net. If they have it in the UK but probably not called the same thing, here it's usually sold in any electronics department usually next to stuff like monitor wipes, sometimes described as keyboard cleaner.

shadymilkman (author)2008-10-20

You really shouldn't do that bla bla bla.... Seriously, it kills your brain pretty bad. There are few things out there to get high off of that are worse than this. Huffing gas and ether are the closest things I can guess. Deprives the brain of oxygen.
<> These dudes know a lot. Check it out.

deansep (author)2007-07-09

At close range you can probaly hurt someone right? With the right object and stuff. If so then let me know. Then I can add it to my group, That Hurts.

Braeburn (author)deansep2008-07-03

if you use tacks, then yes

deansep (author)deansep2007-07-09

It also says Possibly injure so yes of no?

funwithfire325 (author)2007-10-07

hey! i saw a video on this exact same thing do you do those videos!?

maxiscool (author)2007-02-08

I did it, but mine only goes about 20 feet. Beside from the fact that my can of Dust Off is almost empty, what could be the problem here?

shadymilkman (author)maxiscool2007-02-10

did you try to put some oil down the barrel with the eraser, also try not to shove the eraser too deep. A full can is also quite helpfull

maxiscool (author)shadymilkman2007-02-11

look at my profile and see the modification I made.

Dieffsta (author)2006-11-29

haha cool. about how far will it shoot certain items? just curious

Dieffsta (author)Dieffsta2006-11-29

oh im stupid...i coulda just read it haha

Magicfap (author)2006-11-26

nice!, i have to try this! (razor sharp ice bullets rule!!!!)

mrbob1000 (author)2006-11-24

try some air soft bb's

shadymilkman (author)mrbob10002006-11-25

i would have, but i dont have any. I'm not sure if it would be big enough to seal off the barrel.

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