This is what I use to determine how much HHO gas is being produced per minute with my Hydrogen Generator.

Step 1: The 2 Liter Design

The 2nd 2 liter bottles center is cut out to make the 1st bottle longer.
Sorry if I wasn't clear but it is a way to figure out how much HHO gas is being produced using electrolysis. The HHO gas is pumped out of my Hydrogen cell into the flow meter and as the 1 liter bottle rises I calculate the amount of time it takes to fill up one liter of gas. Hydrogen production is a hobby I am working on to provide additional fuel for my car in order to get better gas mileage. I have a wideband O2 sensor that I use with my laptop in order to decrease the amount of gas injected and then allowing my car to run on mostly Hydrogen.
So, what are we looking at here?

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