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Introduction: Air Fort

This is a quick Instructable on how to create an Air Fort. An Air Fort is a fort that is supported completely by air.
Air forts also have a green side. The fort uses very little air so it does not take a large fan to keep it inflated. The low power fan keeps the fort very cold. It is almost like a mini air conditioned room.

Step 1: Supplies

For this Instructable you will need:

A bed
A sheet larger than your bed(I use a sheet from my parents bed).
Clamps(to attach blankets to the bed).
Tape(duck tape or packing tape work best).
A fan

You do not need the bed or clamps if you don't have them. I recommend using a bed because it is easier but if you want you could just tape the sheet to the floor.

Step 2: Step 1...The First Real Step

The first step is to take your sheet and lay it out on your bed (or floor). Next set your fan up on one side of your bed.

Step 3: Tape!

Next, take the end of the sheet and attach it to the fan using tape. Look at the picture for help.

After you attach your sheet turn on the fan. The fort should inflate a little.

At this point you should have the sheet only attached to the fan and the fan turned on.

Step 4: Leaks...

Then, climb inside your fort. Look for where the air leaks out. Take your clamps and close all the leaks (it may help if you tuck the sheet under your mattres).

Step 5: Almost Done! Step 4

The last step is the hardest. You must add a door. Doors are very tricky.

Undo one of your clamps. Instead of attaching the clamp to the bed just attach it to the sheet. The weight of the clamp will hold the sheet down.

If anything was unclear just let me know.




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    I don't understand the door part

    Way cool! I have air conditioners on my floor, making this fort very cool!

    I remember one year in 3rd grade when my teachers made a giant inflatable blob out of trash bags, duct tape, and a fan. It had a TV inside it. My whole class got inside it and watched "The Polar Express" and drank hot chocolate... Fun times.

    4 replies

    whoa do u have pics????????? :)

    I don't have pics of that, since I was only in third grade, but I recently made a clear plastic inflatable bubble in my backyard, and I have pics of that. It's made of a thin painting tarp, and held down with bricks. It's not as big as the one that I got to watch Polar Express in, but it was fun.


    Haha cool, sounds like alot of fun.

    just got done making the playdough off this web site now the kids want me to take my cali king sheet and make this this fort so i guess were cleaning up and then off to make a fort- having 4 yr old twins i need quick ideas like this- so off we go! lol tell ya how it turns out! lol

    1 reply

    HAHA Cool! Have Fun! Tell me how it turns out!

    I built one for my nephew and i can hear him down in it right now shrieking and laughing. Way cool. nice job ;)

    I also see that your picture is of MacGyver I love that show

    1 reply

    i figured this out on my own by accident, now i can make a sturdy 1

    cool. i made one for a tent in summer

    cooooooooooool!!! i'm definitely trying this out!!! ; )

    i used to do this when i was a little kid!! and in winter you can use use a heater vent so the fort is nice and warm:P