Picture of Homemade Air Gun From Waste Materials
plastic body ,(a tube structure from which a small plastic ball can be released , bullet (plastic ball) should eject out of tube easily )
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Step 1: Pen Body And Cap

Picture of Pen Body And Cap
plastic body attached to file, you can use a pen cap as a firing pin,there is spring attached to file and when you pull back the pen cap it will rest on the trigger plate ,there is a pivot and spring attached to trigger so that the force exerted by the cap spring is equal to the force exerted by the trigger spring and the trigger stays in its place

Step 2: How It Works

Picture of How It Works
you can insert plastic ball inside cap and when u press the trigger the ball is fired due to the air pocket inside the cap which is equal to the potential energy stored in spring

Step 3:

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Step 4:

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rogueimmortal (author) 10 months ago
next time I will publish step by step complete explanation of my projects